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It's easy to celebrate Christmas and go straight back to focusing just on ourselves. Reflect this week and identify ways you can keep Christmas all year.It’s hard to believe we’re already to another Friday, and that Christmas Day is already over. That being said, though, I want to challenge you that as you reflect today and later this week to keep that “Christmas spirit” all year long. I’ve already started that “post-holiday” slump starting to creep in, you know the slight sadness that all of the joy and excitement of the holiday season is coming to an end…But, then I remind myself that I’m the one who chooses my own attitude, and if I choose to maintain that air of excitement, anticipation, and giving, than I can look forward to every season of the year, holiday or not.

In keeping with that focus, too, I also challenge you to maintain your awareness of others and ways that you can love on and bless those around you. It seems easier to find ways to give to others during the holidays, but we have the opportunity to show Christ’s love to one another all the time. If you need a few suggestions, consider one of my ideas for giving back even after the holidays. Other great ways to share you care for others include:

  • Making a donation to the local homeless shelter (food, clothing, money, etc.)
  • Visiting with a friend, family member, or even church member in the hospital or nursing home
  • Writing a note to a friend
  • Sharing cookies with a neighbor
  • Picking up the trash in the local park
  • Organizing an event to provide lunch for the less fortunate in the community

Loving on others and showing Christ’s love does not have to be complicated. Often, the most simplistic acts are those that speak the loudest of how much you care. So, as you finish putting away all of your new gifts and store all of the decorations for next year, reflect a bit on your attitude for the upcoming year and decide how you’re going to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long.

As far as my reflection on my week, I was able to share a few ideas on the blog. If you missed anything because you were celebrating, good (I was too)! You can catch up here:

On the Blog

In Our Life

What a week it’s been! We’ve traveled to see family, had family share our first Christmas in our first home, and the fun isn’t over yet. We’re headed to see the rest of our family to celebrate this weekend. With all of that, I’m feeling extremely blessed and grateful. Among other things, this week I am thankful for:

1. Time with Family

Few things are more refreshing to me than enjoying some down time with my family. We’ve had lots of that time this week, and I am so thankful.

2. Help in the Kitchen

I love cooking and baking and everything that goes into hosting people in our home. But, as most of you know, all of that takes a good bit of work. I am so thankful that B is so willing to step in and help me as I work on things in our kitchen and elsewhere around the house. As we hosted Christmas, he stepped in to help prep the shrimp, wash dishes, put dishes away, and serve drinks without me even asking.

3. Memories

This time of the year especially, I spend a good deal of time reflecting on past memories of Christmases in my childhood, experiences I’ve had with family members, and friends, and ideas for making new memories. I am thankful today that I have so many fond memories to look back on, and I’m especially grateful to have the ability to create new memories. I’m depositing many new ones in the “account” this year that I’ll look back on in years to come.

4. Downtime

With all that goes into prepping for the holiday season, a girl gets tired! We go pretty simple as far as gifts, decorating, and all the rest, but I’m still thankful for the lull in the celebration to just sit down, rest, and enjoy. I was able to take some time to do that yesterday in the midst of my family, and I plan on doing a bit more today.

5. Christmas

I realize that’s kind of a blanket statement, but nonetheless, I am thankful for the Christmas holiday and all that it entails. The traditions and celebrations, the decor and delightful treats, and the togetherness all make Christmas what it is, but one thing that I’m most thankful for is a time set aside to remember Jesus’ birth. This focus being at the center of our celebration and our lives all year round is what makes all the difference.

As you reflect today, I hope that you can identify a few things that you are grateful for. I also continue the challenge of maintaining the Christmas spirit and its outward focus all year long.

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