That Day I Quit My Workout

If you’ve hung around here any time at all, you know fitness is my jam. It’s my stress reliever. It’s how I reclaimed my confidence. It helps me be a better mama. And although all of those things help keep me motivated on any given day, I still have days when I just QUIT!!!

Yep, that’s right. The fitness coach sometimes quits her workout. And I want you to give yourself permission to do the same (but not before you try everything you can to get it done!)

Seriously! I think we all have those days, right? The baby didn’t sleep well, we’re battling colds (or the stomach bug), we have a million things on our to-do list…You name it, we’re facing it. But here is the thing…

There is never a perfect time to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. Life is always going to happen and things are going to come up. So what is a mama to do when she just feels like quitting (before she really does just quit)? Here are my tips:

1. Get your mindset right.

Quit holding yourself to some crazy, unattainable standard. Sop making your workout about punishing myself or trying to make up for what you eat. And for gosh sakes, quit working out because you hate your body! Focus on what you gain in doing your workout and make that your motivation!

2. Give yourself 10 minutes.

One of my tricks is to promise myself I only have to do 10 minutes. Because the reality is that once I’m 10 minutes in, I’m going to end up doing the rest of the workout anyway. Really, that’s just how it works. So give yourself 10 minutes of the workout to get into it, and if you’re still not feeling it, you can stop.

3. Try before you modify.

Alright, so another one of my “tricks of the trade” is allowing myself to modify. But here is the caveat…You have to push yourself sometime, so instead of just automatically modifying, go with the phrase “try before you modify.” In other words, try the full out version, and then if you need to, modify it.

At the end of the day, though, if you’ve tried each one of these suggestions, and you still just can’t get motivated. Well, then, let yourself take the break and remember that tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to pursue your health! Because remember, this whole healthy lifestyle thing is about learning to listen to and love our bodies, not trying to beat them into submission or punish them for looking (or not looking) a certain way!

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