My Take on Essential Oils Plus 3 Oils To Revitalize Your Health

My Take on Essential OilsIf you have found yourself in any sort of natural health discussion, you’ve probably heard something about “essential oils.” Some people swear by them, and others have no idea what they even are. (When I first asked my husband about looking into them, he was convinced I was saying “sensual oils…”) Anyway, if you’ve never given them a try, you probably wonder if it’s even worth it, so let’s take a look at the major benefits and see what’s in it for you.

My Essential Oil Journey

I’d say about 1/3 of the way into my journey with oils. As in, I’ve just barely tapped into using them. Nonetheless, we have had some great benefits with the oils we’ve tried. You may remember my recollection of how lavender changed my life, and I’ve shared a bit of how I use oils for laundry essentials and in skincare. But, I really feel like I’m just scratching the surface with them.

I am excited to continue learning more about how oils work as well as different ways to use them!

Major Benefits of Oils

From what I’ve learned through experience and discovered through research, there are 3 primary benefits of essential oils:

1. Treating a Wide Variety of Ailments

If you have an ailment, I probably have an oil that will work to remedy it. We were lucky enough to get a free copy of the Essential Oil Bible when we first connected with doTerra, so I am well aware that there are hundreds of types of oils. From treating skin conditions to heart conditions and even hearing issues, oils do it all.

2. Avoiding the Side Effects of Medications

While oils aren’t without their own list of side effects (believe me, cinnamon bark does burn on the skin), therapeutic grade oils are safe and natural. By using oils as alternatives to other medication, you lessen the risk of damaging your internal organs by introducing pharmaceuticals and other man-made products into your body.

3. Getting Immediate Results

Because oils are applied to specific parts of the body and are so potent, in most cases you get nearly immediate results. Take peppermint for example, I had a fever a couple of months ago and applied this oil to my forehead and the base of my head. Within 2-3 minutes the fever broke. For most issues, essential oils take effect immediately offering relief and improved health.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Remember, I said we were just barely scratching the surface with oils, so there are lots of pure oils as well as blends that I’d love to have but don’t yet. If you’re interested in exploring essential oils, I’d suggest starting with a few of the most popular oils, such as peppermint, lavender and lemon. (Obviously there are others, but these are three of my favorites that just happen to be widely used across the board.)


Known for its cooling properties and fresh taste, peppermint is good for all sorts of things. From lowering a fever to increasing alertness and treating indigestion, peppermint is extremely versatile.


Another highly versatile oil, lavender is soothing and calming to the mind and body. Lavender is great for treating skin conditions including rashes, bruises, and cuts and can also be used to reduce stress and calm the senses.


A great cleansing agent, lemon oil is effective for detoxifying the body, treating acne, and removing stains from clothing. It can even be used to treat fleas in your pets.

Where to Purchase Essential Oils

I’ll be honest at present, I’m not a “brand snob” as far as oils go. I simply use doTerra because I was introduced to the company by a family member and I trust the product. As far as finding oils, you can order online from many companies, including doTerra. A word of caution, though, make sure the oils are therapeutic grade and from a reputable, reliable company. Otherwise, you may be completely negating the good you think you’re doing with impure or even tainted oils.

What’s your essential oil story? Have you tried any oils with great success?

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