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More Tradition, Less Obligation

I had a conversation with several of the mamas in my local moms group a few days ago revolving around our likes and dislikes of the holiday season. And during that conversation the idea of tradition came up…

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve worked pretty hard in an attempt to establish some fun (mostly) and meaningful traditions for our family during the Christmas season. But the more we discussed, the more I realized that much of what I viewed as tradition have actually become obligations…A need to do more, to be more, to have more this time of year.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the holiday season? Check out my suggestions for a Christmas with more tradition and less obligation.

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My Favorite Christmas Traditions

I’ve already shared what we’re doing with baby girl to make this holiday the most memorable for her (or really us), but what about me? You know, the Christmas season is my absolute favorite, so I have to throw a few things into our holiday festivities that are just for me, too. These are a few of my favorite Christmas traditions that help make our holiday season complete each year, so you better believe they’re not going undone this year either, newborn or not. 😉 (Plus, I’m convinced that if we start them early enough with Grace they’ll be a few of her favorites, too.)Christmas traditions are part of what make this season complete. Share in my favorite Christmas traditions and get an idea for a few of your own.



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