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Last-Minute Ideas to Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day can very well be considered the last holiday of the summer. While there are still a few summer days left after the holiday, this day often serves as the last big hurrah before everyone hits their fall routine full swing. That being said, you need to take the time to really celebrate the holiday and enjoy the last bit of summer you have. If you don’t have anything planned for today, it’s not too late. You can still enjoy a fun holiday celebration with these simple and frugal ideas!Labor Day can very well be considered the last holiday of the summer. Take advantage of the holiday and make the most of it with these fun ideas!

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Simple Summer Skincare

Every season presents specific risk factors for our skin, but summer is probably just about the harshest. Whether it’s laying on the beach soaking up the rays or swimming in a highly chlorinated pool, many summer activities are drying and damaging to your skin. One of the summer ailments I suffer every.single.year is dry itchy skin, particularly on my legs. If you’re like me and suffer summer skin issues, consider using a few of these summer skincare tips to help!Summer is probably about the harshest season on your skin. Use these simple summer skincare tips to keep your skin soft and supple this summer (and more)!

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5 Tips for Surviving Summer More Than 6 Months Pregnant

It seems like it has taken me months to actually feel pregnant. Sure, I had the nausea through the first trimester, but once that passed, I didn’t have any major pregnancy symptoms. Add that to the fact that pretty much anyone I’d see would tell me how “not-pregnant” I looked (I know it was meant as a compliment, but I’ve always wanted to be one of those “cute” pregnant ladies with a noticeable bump)…

Anyway, suffice it to say at 6+ months pregnant in the heat of the summer, I’m finally feeling it – heaviness of Baby Girl in my abdomen, more swelling in my fingers and toes when I’m out in the heat, and exaggerated tiredness when I’ve overexerted myself. However, I’ll be the first to admit that I am still handling the pregnancy pretty well, and I have these tips and tricks for surviving summer to thank for it. If you or someone you know is pregnant through the summer, mention a couple of these ideas to help her enjoy, well at least survive, the summer.The heat of summer and pregnancy make a difficult combo, but you too can survive. Use these tips for surviving summer, and you might just enjoy it, too.

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids During Summer

Summer is the time for playing outside, laying in the sun, and soaking in the pool. The only thing that puts more of a damper on that than alternative summer obligations is rain. And, I don’t know about where you are, but here in Pennsylvania, we’ve had a whole lot of wet weather this summer.

But, just because it’s been raining doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. In fact, I am planning to have my nieces and nephews over for a few days, so I know I have to come up with a few fun things to do in case of rain. Once I thought about it, I was able to come up with a bunch! I plan to hang on to this list for when our little one arrives, and I need some fun inspiration on a rainy summer day. So, what rainy day activities for kids are ideal during the summer? Here are a few of my favorites!A rainy day during the summer can be the pits. Avert the situation and make a rainy day fun with these rainy day activities for kids!

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How To Host a Frugal Summer Cookout

One of my favorite things of summer is enjoying a cookout in the back yard with the ones we love. However, if we’re constantly hosting (or even just enjoying cookouts ourselves), we’d likely blow our food budget. So, I decided I had to come up with a few ways that we could still enjoy our summer cookouts without spending quite as much. If you’re hosting a cookout and plan to invite a few friends, you can still keep it frugal. Just follow these tips!Planning a cookout this summer? Keep it budget-friendly with these six easy tips! Whether you cookout regularly or once a season, these tips will help!

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