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5 Ways to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret…I have always, seriously ALWAYS had a sweet tooth! (Like sneak back into the kitchen and lick all the icing off the cupcakes sweet tooth. 🙈) And I won’t say that I’ve miraculously been cured of my love of sweets. (I still enjoy a good cupcake every now and then.) But I have found a few ways to effectively curb my sweet cravings and figured I’d share with you because I know I’m not the only out there who has struggled slaying the sugar dragon.

Struggle with a sweet tooth (like I do)? Check out these 5 ways to curb your sweet tooth and understand why you crave sugar in the first place!

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4 Steps to Overcoming Sugar Addiction

I have always LOVED sweets! Literally anything sweet is my downfall…Cookies, cake, ice cream, icing…I love it all. It’s all my weakness. In fact, I have always enjoyed sweets so that I love to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up new ways to enjoy sweet treats!

It wasn’t until much more recently that I discovered the “hold” that sugar had on me. I would find myself craving a sweet treat even when I had been doing really well sticking to my healthy eating plan otherwise. It was like I literally had no power over my sweet tooth.

The more I’ve learned about food and how it affects our bodies, the more I’ve become aware of how detrimental sugar can be to our progress. Literally, recent research indicates that sugar isn’t just something we enjoy. It is an addictive substance! In fact, scans of the brain of someone who is addicted to cocaine are almost identical to those of someone who is addicted to sugar; however, the sugar addiction shows up as much more intense! Now, that tells me there is something wrong with my “sweet tooth.” I don’t want to be “addicted” to anything, and I’m sure you don’t either. So, how can we overcome our addiction?steps-overcoming-sugar-addiction

Well, it isn’t easy to get off the sugar habit, but it is possible. Trust me, as a former sugar addict I know how tough it is, so I want to share my best tips for kicking the addiction with you as well as offer my support in whatever form you feel would be most beneficial to you. Continue reading