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Strengthening Your Relationship Before Baby

My husband and I have been married just over 3 years now, and even though it’s been short, our marriage has been wonderful. While we’ve faced some pretty big life obstacles in our short years of matrimony (multiple job location changes, serious illness, moving multiple times, purchasing our first home, extensive travel…), none of those events has been anything like welcoming a baby into our family and home. With that in mind, we wanted to take our last few months together to really work on our relationship before we go from a couple of two to a family of three.Welcoming a baby is a big life change. Strengthen your relationship with your spouse with these ideas!

We are ecstatic to welcome Baby Girl in just a few short months, but we know that our life is about to be changed in ways that we never could have imagined. So, we’re doing what we can now to strengthen our relationship before she makes her grand appearance. Here are a few ways we’ve been strengthening our relationship as we await the arrival of our Baby Girl, I hope you find them helpful as well. Continue reading