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Tuesday Tidbit, Do to Others…

We were at a playdate the other day, which had me thinking. As grace grows, I want her to develop effective relationships with other kids. I want her to care about them and treat them kindly. So, I thought about what we needed to start instilling in her now so that when she’s old enough she develops that kind of thoughtfulness toward others and couldn’t help but think of this week’s verse.Caring for others is one of the most significant things we do. Discover how you can teach and apply the concept of caring for others in today's mini-devo.

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Simple Ways to Show Your Spouse You Care

It’s easy to take your spouse for granted. Even in just a few short years of marriage, my husband and I have been through several seasons – seasons that involved a lot of busyness. One of our biggest takeaways as a couple was that we needed to do things together and for one another that show we still care for each other. So, what can you do to show your spouse you care and keep the romance alive? For us, it’s all about the simple things, so here are a few of our favorites.

Tips for Showing Your Spouse You CareIn a season that keeps you from spending time with your spouse? Think your spouse is in need of some TLC? Use these easy tips to show your spouse you care.

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Cultivating an Authentic Online Community

Authentic Online Community

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I enjoy sitting down to a nice cup of coffee and a good conversation with friend as much as the next person, but you know what I also appreciate? The opportunity to connect with others online.

I understand social media has gotten a bad rap in recent years (for good reason on some occasions),but  I believe we too often look at the negatives and ignore the positives of a variety of situations. Consider some of the advantages of online communities and learn how to create your own authentic online community with a few simple steps, and I think you’ll see the pros far outweigh the cons. Continue reading