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Carmel Corn, Our Secret Family Recipe

Are you looking for a new family tradition? Give this Carmel corn a try. We make it every year at Christmas time for great memories and a tasty treat! As we head into Christmas week, I decided the best way to kick it off was with one of our favorite family traditions. Actually, my husband gave me the idea, so I’ll share a few of his memories of the tradition as well as our “secret” family recipe, courtesy of my father-in-law. If you’re looking for a relatively simple tradition to start this Christmas, it’s not too late to give this one a try. Pop some popcorn, add a little Carmel, and enjoy this delightful family recipe! Continue reading

Easy Ingredient Swaps to Make Your Holiday Treats Healthy

Healthy ingredient swaps are the easiest way to increase your health intake. Use these simple ingredient swaps to enjoy your holiday treats and increase you health.I don’t think it should come as any surprise that I enjoy a sweet treat just as much (if not more) than the next person. Biting into a soft chewy cookie, indulging in a decadent brownie, nibbling on a piece of rich fudge…The list goes on, but I am trying to make this year different in that I’ve made a commitment to myself to enjoy the holidays without wrecking my health routine.

I’m not necessarily a “have your cake and eat it too” type of person because I understand I have to have boundaries; however, when it comes to the holidays, it just doesn’t seem right unless I have a few festive goodies about the house to snack on ahem, share with others. 😉 Anyway, I wanted a few ways to lighten up some of my favorite holiday treats, so this is what I’ve come up with – my ingredient swaps for healthier holiday treats. Continue reading

My Tips and Recipe for The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Perfect Chocolate Chip CookieOkay, so I’ll just throw this out there as a disclaimer from the get go. This cookie recipe is in no way meant to be a healthy recipe. I know, I know. One of my focuses is living healthy, but let’s just say we indulge around here once in a while, and when we do, 9 times out of 10, it’s on my homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business. I know we all have a different view of what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie, but hands down I’ve had more good reviews from this cookie recipe than any other I use.

With that being said, I’m willing to share the recipe and my chocolate chip cookie baking tips with you keeping in mind that my favorite kind of cookie (and the favorite of many of our family members and friends) is one that is slightly crunchy on the inside but still a little soft and melty on the inside. Oh yeah, and chock full of chocolate chips! My mouth is watering just describing it to you… Continue reading

Weekend Food Swaps to Help You Stay on Track

It’s the weekend – holla! Anyway, you know what that means we’re talking about on the blog today. That’s right, healthy living even on the weekend. Today I want to shift our focus a little and look more specifically at our weekend food choices. I know there is nothing better than waking up, pulling out the griddle, and whipping up a batch of homemade pancakes (except if someone else makes them for you…) or maybe a bowlful of decadent ice cream with a homemade brownie on top. Whose mouth isn’t watering right now?

I don’t know if I am speaking for everyone, but I know the weekend means paying a little less attention to my food choices and a lot more attention to having fun, which often means, come Monday, I am regretting a few of my “splurges.” Hence today’s post on healthy weekend food swaps. Hopefully by sharing these food options with you, it’ll encourage me to make better choices, too. I promise you with these options, no one will feel cheated, except maybe my Monday morning regret… 😉Weekend Health Food Swaps

Continue reading