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Creating Space and Clearing the Brain Fog

Ever since getting home from our leadership retreat (more to come on that later hopefully) last week, I just can’t seem to get this thought of “creating space” out of my mind. I have always loved what I do as a coach and mentor, but for the last couple of months, I just felt like I was going through the motions and in a bit of a funk or brain fog, you might call it. One of our focuses on our retreat, though, was regaining our vision and really fine-tuning our process to be even more effective. And I just came home feeling like I had so much more space and clarity.

I know that I am not the only mama obsessed with doing big things and living my best life, so I decided I needed to share with you what I’ve been doing to make a little more space in my life. Now, I know that all probably sounds a little abstract, so just bear with me…I’m going to get to the practical, but first, how do you know you need a little more space?

Are you feeling frazzled and like you're constantly trying to clear the brain fog? Discover how you can create more space and live your best today.

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Fighting (My Own) Negativity with Grace

Here at Living Contently, I want to be transparent. I want you to get a real picture of not only who I am but of what living a contented, purposeful life looks like in today’s world – not of what it looks like in a prefabricated, picture-perfect, “Facebook-worthy” post or picture…CNN presents an interesting study on how Facebook has impacted our social views and culture (in positive and negative ways), but either way, I want to break free of that mold and really share my heart with you.

With that, I’ll admit, life, no matter how content, is never perfect. I found myself thinking exactly that this week. I also realized how negatively I was thinking about what I was getting done and what I thought should have gotten done.

The IssueGrace


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