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Treating Marginal Cord Insertion

You may remember that we received a marginal cord insertion diagnosis pretty early on in our pregnancy. The diagnosis came at 18 weeks and was confirmed at 22 weeks. It was a pretty surprising diagnosis, as I was theoretically at very little “risk” for the condition. However, I am grateful to have thorough doctors who while positive about the issue are still taking the time to treat it.

There is no specific treatment plan for marginal cord insertion, but there are a number of things you can do. Use these tips to support a healthy pregnancy.

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What Is Marginal Cord Insertion (and What Does It Mean for My Baby)?

When the phone conversation begins, “We don’t normally call patients with their results because they typically have questions,” you know you’re probably going to get some news you weren’t necessarily expected…I got the call on a Tuesday afternoon and the emotions that followed hit me like a freight train despite my efforts to stay calm, trust my doctor, and have faith that God had our baby in his hands. The diagnosis we received following our full anatomy ultrasound was that I potentially had a marginal cord insertion that could adversely affect the baby later in the pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be scary, especially when it involves an uncommon diagnosis. Learn more about marginal cord insertion and what it means for you and baby.

The nurse with whom I was speaking assured me that the baby was fine now and that the issue was not a grave threat. However, later in the pregnancy we’d have to monitor more closely to insure that the baby grew appropriately. I accepted her reassurance and immediately started googling the condition once we got off the phone.

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