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Tuesday Tidbit, Accept Instruction

Our church started a new series in Proverbs on Sunday, and as we read through this week’s verse, it really stood out to me. I want Grace to develop into a women of wisdom, and I want her to understand that the instruction that her daddy and I give her is intended to help her do that. I think this verse is a perfect reminder of the concept for all of us.We provide instruction to our children to lead and guide them. Discover how God expects them to respond in today's mini-devotional.

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Finding Myself After Having a Kid

I had the privilege of (virtually) meeting Christy through a blogging course we both took several months ago, and today I am so excited to invite her over to Living Contently to share some of her mothering tidbits with you. Christy is a fun, fresh mama to a real cutie Lacey, whom you might see pop up on her blog or in her photography. She is a family-oriented photographer based out of Las Vegas and has a fun perspective on family, motherhood, and everything in between.

Want to see some of her work or hear more of what she has to say? Stop by her website or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. But, for today, check out what she has to stay about finding herself after having a kid. (I am really connecting with this especially after just having our sweet little one.)People talk about losing themselves after a child, but some moms are actually able to say "I am finding myself" in motherhood. Check out this mom's story.

Do you ever see those funny pictures of moms? You know the ones in yoga pants, messy bun, and an over-sized shirt…

It’s a constant joke about how moms “lose” themselves after having kids.  While I believe this can happen easily, I also believe that the opposite can happen. I think that you can just as easily find yourself after having kids. Continue reading

Why I’ll Never Really Be Ready to Be a Parent (and Why That’s Okay)

As we prepare to bring our little girl into this world and get ever closer to her expected due date, I’ve found myself thinking and questioning more and more, “Am I really ready to be a parent?” Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be more excited for our little family to be growing and to see the little bundle of joy that has been leaping around inside of me (literally) the last 7 months. However, I can’t help but think about this question.I've realized I'll never really be ready to be a parent, and you might have to. Accept the fact and understand why it's okay when you recognize God's grace.

My husband and I knew we wanted to wait a few years after we got married before trying to have kids, and we did just that. During that period we enjoyed time just the two of us, lived in three different states, and made some career adjustments. And, something we always said was “I just want to be ready when we start our family.” I’ve always seen parenting as a very selfless act, one in which you give up or at least put aside your needs and wants for those of your child.

When we first got married, I knew I wasn’t ready to do that. I had spent our entire dating relationship and engagement anywhere from 6 to 17 hours away from the man I loved. And, I just wanted to enjoy time getting to know him in our first years of marriage.

We began talking about our desire to start a family, and I began thinking, “Yes, I am ready. I know it takes being selfless to raise a child, but I’m ready to do that.”I've realized I'll never really be ready to be a parent, and you might have to. Accept the fact and understand why it's okay when you recognize God's grace.

Being pregnant over the last 7 months, though, I’ve discovered how wrong I was…I’ve worried over what this life stage has done to my body, wondering if I’ll ever look or feel like I did before carrying this precious little one in my womb. I’ve fought tiredness and wished I just had my energy back so I could do the things I wanted to do. I’ve complained about some of the less than glamorous pregnancy symptoms, like nosebleeds, nasal congestion, and more. I’ve cried over the different health diagnoses I’ve received throughout this pregnancy and lost rest and peace of mind over the stress of it. With each of these things, I’ve become me more and more aware of how “not ready” I am.

But, you know what I’ve also come to accept? I’ll never be totally ready and that’s okay. You see, the truth is, I’m not perfect, and I never will be. But, I also don’t have to be. 2 Corinthians 12:9 reminds me that Christ says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…”

While I will never be totally “ready” for this parenting thing, I don’t have to be because I have God’s grace on my side. By realizing my weakness, I give way to His power. And, I can only hope that I can instill an understanding of God’s grace in my precious baby girl by accepting it myself each time I fall short. I want her to know that I’m not perfect and never will be, but that God always will be. I will forget things and let her down, but God never will.

So, that’s right. I’ll never really be “ready” to be a parent, but I really don’t have to be. And, that’s a realization that I am okay with.