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How the 21 Day Fix Worked for Me

The all-too-familiar anxiety started welling up just a couple of months (probably weeks really) into my pregnancy. I saw my body starting to change, and I didn’t know what to do. Or rather, I didn’t know what I was going to be able to do after my daughter was born…

I had heard all of the stories of women who had gained excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy and then struggled to lose it after the births of their children. While I wanted to be one of those mamas with the “perfect little baby bump,” I couldn’t fathom gaining the weight to get that picturesque look.Losing the baby weight can be tough. Learn how the 21 Day Fix changed my life for me and how it can do the same for you too!

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8 Ideas for Getting Active with Your Kids

I get it. I know having little ones (or even big ones) under foot all the time can make it REALLY difficult to exercise or stick to our workout plans. But, what if we quit using our kiddos as our excuse not to be as HEALTHY as we can and instead we started using them as our reason, as our WHY for making healthy choices? I know for me, that is when it all came together. When, I started incorporating my daughter into my fitness plan, it stopped seeming like so much of a challenge to have her be a part of it, ended up being better for both of us.Little ones can make it tough to stay active. Find new ways to get active with your kids instead of in spite of them that you can incorporate every day.

Now, we started out really simple. As I was exercising, I’d put her in her jumperoo or exersaucer so that she’d jump and move around as I exercised. She not only loved watching mommy (look like a crazy woman), but she also got the benefit of me setting the example for her and getting a little extra activity time herself. As I was talking to another one of my mama friends, she shared what a difference it made once she extended this same idea even beyond just doing her workout, so I figured other moms out there could benefit from it too! Continue reading

Sometimes We Just Need to Cuddle

We have been having “one of those” kind of weeks. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or the fact that Daddy is out of town or even that Mommy is extra tired, but we’re struggling. She’s fussier than usual. I’ve pulled out all of the stops, and all of my “usuals” aren’t working…And, then my husband said something to me.We define our success as mothers in so many different ways. Sometimes we need nothing more than to put everything else aside and just cuddle...

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I’m Breaking Up with the Mom Guilt

The other day, I shared this photo and a bit of my heart on Instagram. On that single post, I had several comments, likes, and other interactions, and it got me thinking…It’s time to break up with the mom guilt. For me, for you, for any mama out there…

I’m only 4 months into this motherhood thing, but I’ve already chided myself on more than one occasion for not being good enough, for not measuring up to other moms, for not doing the right thing, for not knowing what thing to do. But, enough is enough. I think we’re all too hard on ourselves as moms, and it’s time we cut it out. Continue reading

My Worth Isn’t Found in Naptime

It’s naptime again, and I find myself wanting to feverishly type the words into Google yet again…”Tips for getting baby to sleep” or “sleeping schedules for babies” or “HELP! My baby won’t sleep!” You see, I’ve discovered something. For whatever reason, I have been battling a serious case of self-worth misplacement, or at least that’s what I’m calling it.As a mother, it's easy to encapsulate our worth in our babies. Discover where your worth truly comes from and find some encouragment as a mom today.

I’ve shared in a few different places that this motherhood thing is hard…And, it is. But, what’s even harder is when we so intricately wrap ourselves and our worth, our value into our babies. It’s easy to do as a mama. You know, we participated in creating this little being. We grew this precious little person in our womb. And, now, we have the divine appointment to care for, love, and guide this little one. That’s a big responsibility. One that is, or at least can be, all-consuming.

But, if you hear (okay, read) nothing else in this, hear this…Mama, your worth is not found in naptime, successful or not. Your value is not dependent upon whether you choose (or had to) formula feed or nurse. Your identity as a mother has nothing to do with your baby’s fussiness, contentment, early (or late) development.

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