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Find Your Happy Healthy Mom Place

I remember feeling like I just didn’t know where I fit as a brand new mom. Everyone who came over would say the same thing…”Isn’t being a mom just the greatest thing you ever did?” And while I agreed with them, I also couldn’t shake the feeling of being an imposter.

I felt like a stranger in my own skin. I’d look in the mirror and see a body that didn’t look like it used to and that I wasn’t sure was ever really going to feel like mine again. And while I loved my new mama role, I also couldn’t help but feel like there had to be something more to life than spit up and holey yoga pants.

Do you feel overwhelmed? It's likely because you haven't created space for yourself. Learn to find your happy, healthy mom space with these simple tips!

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Learning to Prioritize Me as a New Mom

I still remember those days as a new mom SO well. After bringing my sweet little girl home and spending the first few weeks in utter disbelief that she was finally here and I was actually a mom, real life started setting in.

The reality of having a tiny person constantly attached to me (literally she nursed ALL.the.time!) and the responsibility of taking care of not only myself but another precious life sank in. In the early days, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. My husband was still home on paternity leave, and we had family in and out. So I had extra hands to hold her so I could do things like going to the bathroom, changing clothes, and maybe eating a snack hands-free.

As a new mom, it is so hard to prioritize self-care. Learn a few of the ways I used to prioritize me even as a brand new mom!

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How the 21 Day Fix Worked for Me

The all-too-familiar anxiety started welling up just a couple of months (probably weeks really) into my pregnancy. I saw my body starting to change, and I didn’t know what to do. Or rather, I didn’t know what I was going to be able to do after my daughter was born…

I had heard all of the stories of women who had gained excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy and then struggled to lose it after the births of their children. While I wanted to be one of those mamas with the “perfect little baby bump,” I couldn’t fathom gaining the weight to get that picturesque look.Losing the baby weight can be tough. Learn how the 21 Day Fix changed my life for me and how it can do the same for you too!

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I’m Breaking Up with the Mom Guilt

The other day, I shared this photo and a bit of my heart on Instagram. On that single post, I had several comments, likes, and other interactions, and it got me thinking…It’s time to break up with the mom guilt. For me, for you, for any mama out there…

I’m only 4 months into this motherhood thing, but I’ve already chided myself on more than one occasion for not being good enough, for not measuring up to other moms, for not doing the right thing, for not knowing what thing to do. But, enough is enough. I think we’re all too hard on ourselves as moms, and it’s time we cut it out. Continue reading

Managing Being a Working SAHM

I am excited to welcome Christy to the blog again today. Christy is a fun, fresh mama to a real cutie Lacey, whom you might see pop up on her blog or in her photography. She is a family-oriented photographer based out of Las Vegas and has a fun perspective on family, motherhood, and everything in between.

Want to see some of her work or hear more of what she has to say? Stop by her website or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. But, for today, check out what she has to stay about managing being a working SAHM.

Finding balance is so hard to do. If you add being a mom on top, it is even harder! In fact, being a working SAHM  seems near impossible!Finding balance is hard. Add being a mom to that and working from home, and it is even harder. Use these tips to make being a working SAHM a little easier.

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