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Learning to Prioritize Me as a New Mom

I still remember those days as a new mom SO well. After bringing my sweet little girl home and spending the first few weeks in utter disbelief that she was finally here and I was actually a mom, real life started setting in.

The reality of having a tiny person constantly attached to me (literally she nursed ALL.the.time!) and the responsibility of taking care of not only myself but another precious life sank in. In the early days, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. My husband was still home on paternity leave, and we had family in and out. So I had extra hands to hold her so I could do things like going to the bathroom, changing clothes, and maybe eating a snack hands-free.

As a new mom, it is so hard to prioritize self-care. Learn a few of the ways I used to prioritize me even as a brand new mom!

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15 Self-Care Ideas

After having my daughter, I found myself feeling drained and just a little distraught. (Can any other new mamas relate?) I was giving so much attention to caring for my daughter that I was taking very little time to take care of me, and I was just out of steam. As selfish as I felt at the time, I started carving out a few minutes a day to take care of me – working out, reading a book, showering…And I quickly found that if I did take that time for me, I was a better mom and wife and just had more in general to give. Self-care. That’s what it is about. When I take better care of me, I take better care of them.Though self-care can feel selfish, it’s essential for establishing overall good health. Use these tips to improve your general health.


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Emotional Wellness and Your Health—5 Tips to Boost Your EQ This Month

Fall isn’t the only event October ushers in. This month also marks the beginning of a nationwide focus on emotional wellness. With that, I decided it was appropriate to kick off our month with at least a brief discussion on emotional wellness and a few tips for how you can boost your “EQ” this month. So here goes…Emotional Wellness

What Is Emotional Wellness?

You’ll get a variety of different definitions for emotional wellness depending on who you ask, but the basic tenants of the concept are generally the same. For all intents and purposes, we can define emotional wellness as generally having a positive outlook, healthy self-esteem, a high level of independence, and the ability to identify and share your emotions or feelings with others – in a positive or constructive way. Continue reading