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Back on Track with an Easy Portion Fix Meal Plan

I’ve honestly been pretty lax with meal planning lately, so I decided to hold myself a little more accountable by sharing my weekly meal plan and a few of my favorite recipes! I’ve been following the Portion Fix system for over a year now, and it really works for me. So that’s what each of my meal plans will be based on primarily!

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How to Create a Meal Plan You Can Actually Stick To

One of the elements that is always a component of my challenge groups is meal planning, and every single time I am so surprised at how many women tell me that they have never tried or don’t really know how to create a meal plan. We’ve honestly been doing it since we first got married although then it was primarily focused on saving as much money as we could rather than keeping things healthy. Either way, a meal plan is a great way to stick to your healthy habits and your budget goals, but it’s not always the easiest thing to stick to. So, I wanted to share a few of my tips for creating a meal plan that you can actually stick to. It’s not rocket science, and I’d venture to guess that the more you do it, the easier it will become.A meal plan is one of the easiest ways I've found to stick to our goals. Use my tips to create a plan that you can actually stick to and be successful! Continue reading

2 Tips for a Satisfying and Frugal Meal In

I’m sharing another previously posted item with you today with my 2 tips for having a satisfying and frugal meal in.

So, focusing on living, leading, and sharing a healthy, frugal, content life, I’d have to say this evening was beyond a success! Now, you may be slightly different than me, but I think we can all appreciate a tasty, easy, healthy meal. And, let me tell you, this meal qualifies as all three plus some.

In keeping with my two tips…

1. Make really (really, really) great food! Like I said, maybe you’re a bit different than me here, but personally, my husband and I love cooking (and eating). However, what I really love is cooking easily and successfully. One of the ways I achieve this is by meal planning (but more on that in another post), and on the plan for tonight was Crockpot Pork Tenderloin. Super easy, extremely delicious, and simply healthy! I tweak the recipe a bit using more seasoning, our favorite apples (Granny Smith), and local honey, but I must say, this is simply the best tenderloin recipe we’ve tried and all I did was toss it in the crock. Step #1=successful!

2. Stay on budget. Yep, I said it, the dreaded “b” word…While most people don’t really enjoy budgeting, I enjoy making a bit of a game of it, particularly with grocery shopping–I like to see how low I can get our costs. With a renewed fervor for budgeting as I am not working full-time this year, I’ve been looking into different options for cutting costs. This week’s new tactic was a definite success. To score this delectable meal, I collected my weekly ads from various stores–namely Kroger, Target, and Aldi–and perused them prior to planning our meals for the week. On opening the Kroger ad, I saw the sale on pork tenderloin. Score and Double-Score! (It’s one of the mister’s favorite meals.) On shopping day, we made our way to Kroger, picked our prize tenderloin (and other groceries) and checked out, using our Kroger card. (It definitely pays to take the time to get store loyalty cards and use them.) That being said, we got our beautiful meal for under $7.00, normally over $12!!

Add some fresh veggies, and you have one fabulous plate of food. Check it out!IMG_1227

So what are my 2 best tips for a wonderful evening together? You’ve got it. Make deliciously simple food and do so budget-consciously. We didn’t have to sacrifice anything here, and it was wonderful – just one way we are Living Contently one choice at a time! Enjoy!

What is your favorite way to spend your evening? Do you have any tips for enjoying a frugal meal together?