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Tuesday Tidbit, Do to Others…

We were at a playdate the other day, which had me thinking. As grace grows, I want her to develop effective relationships with other kids. I want her to care about them and treat them kindly. So, I thought about what we needed to start instilling in her now so that when she’s old enough she develops that kind of thoughtfulness toward others and couldn’t help but think of this week’s verse.Caring for others is one of the most significant things we do. Discover how you can teach and apply the concept of caring for others in today's mini-devo.

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Sometimes We Just Need to Cuddle

We have been having “one of those” kind of weeks. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or the fact that Daddy is out of town or even that Mommy is extra tired, but we’re struggling. She’s fussier than usual. I’ve pulled out all of the stops, and all of my “usuals” aren’t working…And, then my husband said something to me.We define our success as mothers in so many different ways. Sometimes we need nothing more than to put everything else aside and just cuddle...

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Tuesday Tidbit, Developing Compassion

Not too long ago, I read that we should begin instilling the values and character traits that we wish to see in our young ones at a very tender age. Since then I’ve made it a habit to pray over Grace, including these character traits that I hope to see in her – one of them being compassion for others. While it will probably be a while before she really understands what the word “compassion” means, even as a tiny tot, she’ll be able to show others compassion and experience it herself. With that in mind, I want to take this week to focus on this trait.Compassion is a trait that little ones can learn through good models of kindness and tenderheartedness. Discover this trait and how to share it today.

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Tuesday Tidbit – God Is with Me When I Play

Another character trait that I pray that Grace develops as she grows is a compassion and concern for those around her. Again, I definitely believe this is something we can instill in her from a very young age, so this week we are focusing on the concept that God is with us even when we are playing or interacting with others.

I believe as parents we have the responsibility to model the behavior we expect. I know Grace will learn how to treat others by how I treat them, so this lesson is just as important for me as it is for her.God is with us wherever we are. Consider how that fact applies for your child even when he or she is playing with today's mini-devotional.

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