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#livingCHANGErously Virtual Fit Club

As a wellness coach and mentor, I am constantly looking for ways I can better support other women in their pursuit of honoring their health, taking better care of themselves (and their families), and living their best lives. So I launched a BRAND NEW opportunity in June that I like to call #livingCHANGErously!

This opportunity is more than just a fun group or a club. It’s an active pursuit of our health – and one that is ongoing. In fact, I sum it up like this…#livingCHANGErously is the state of being in bold pursuit of your healthiest, happiest life; an active commitment to honor your health and live your purpose! But I get it. Even that might be a bit ambiguous, so here are all the details!

If you're tired of how you feel, then you are READY to make a change! Learn how the #livingCHANGErously virtual fit club can help you change your life!

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Losing Weight While Breastfeeding, The Safe Way

Adjusting to your new postpartum body can be tough, to say the least. Your body is a different shape, you’re in a process of healing from what is some pretty major trauma to your most delicate parts, and you’re likely carrying a little extra weight compared to your pre-baby body. And, you are dealing with all of that while trying to sustain another life…With those challenges in mind, it’s tempting to want to jump off the deep end and dive right in to trying to lose weight, but that can be pretty detrimental to your health and the health of your little one, especially if you are breastfeeding. So, what can you do? It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding; however, you need to do it the safe way.

I was fortunate and had a relatively easy time losing weight while breastfeeding; however, I did have to work at it. And, even still, some women who work at losing weight while breastfeeding really struggle. In any case, I’d like to share a few tips that have worked for me to do two things: (1.) to help you lose weight without losing your milk and (2.) to help you develop healthy habits that you can sustain. I’m not going to guarantee that you’ll start losing as soon as you adopt these practices, but I do promise that you’ll be much healthier for them. And, once you have weaned your little one, it should be much easier to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight while breastfeeding is tough, but it is possible. Follow these tips to support your postpartum weight loss and get your energy back!

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Learning to Love the Skin You’re In

There has been this whole cycle with my body image in relation to my weight until now…As a child, I was always heavy, and while I was well-adjusted with all of the friends and family support I needed, I was self-conscious. As an adolescent, I became even more aware of my weight to the point that I adopted unhealthy habits of over-exercising and under-eating to lose a drastic amount of weight in a short period of time. And, I was still self-conscious. As a newly pregnant young wife, I began gaining pregnancy weight, and again I was self-conscious. Today, though…Today, I have learned to love the skin I’m in, and I have made it my mission to help others do the same.

Being comfortable with your body isn’t easy, especially as a woman. There are (and will always be) things that we see about ourselves that we’d like to change. There will always be someone who seems prettier, thinner, smarter, more successful, more put together…than we are. But, you know what I’ve discovered? We won’t ever really be happy until we learn to love the skin we’re in, and that goes for being satisfied with our weight, personality, career choice, parenting style…

That being said, it isn’t easy to get to a place where you are just comfortable being you, that you don’t compare, and that you appreciate your body and your being with all of your beautiful imperfections. However, it is an incredibly freeing place to be and one that I know you can achieve with a little support and encouragement. 😉 Heck, if I, an eating disorder recoveree and an ongoing perfectionist, can get to a place that I feel comfortable and confident just as I am, I know you can too. So, how do you get there? Well, here are a few of my tips!Life is too short to do anything but love the skin you're in. Use these tips to learn to love your body and appreciate who your are inside and out!

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6 Tips for Living a Healthier, Happier Life

When you make the decision to focus on your health, it’s easy to fall in old traps. We often think of restricting our food intake, micromanaging the scale, and exercising until we’re so sore we can barely move as “healthy” ways to get started. But, I have a news flash for you! Those are not ways to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Will you lose a few pounds? Sure, if you can stick it out long enough. Will you create a sustainable lifestyle change that you’ll be able to stick to, though? Absolutely not! How do I know? Well, I’ve been there and done all of it, and while I lost some weight initially, I also lost my self-confidence and most of all myself. So, please, if you want to live a happier and healthier life, step away from the scale, know that it’s not all about depriving yourself, and realize that exercise doesn’t have to be torture. What can you do instead? Follow these simple tips to live a healthier, happier life and actually make a lifestyle change that you can live with!We often misalign our thoughts of what are healthy lifestyle choices. Discover 6 tips to truly live a healthier, happier life today.

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