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Creating Space and Clearing the Brain Fog

Ever since getting home from our leadership retreat (more to come on that later hopefully) last week, I just can’t seem to get this thought of “creating space” out of my mind. I have always loved what I do as a coach and mentor, but for the last couple of months, I just felt like I was going through the motions and in a bit of a funk or brain fog, you might call it. One of our focuses on our retreat, though, was regaining our vision and really fine-tuning our process to be even more effective. And I just came home feeling like I had so much more space and clarity.

I know that I am not the only mama obsessed with doing big things and living my best life, so I decided I needed to share with you what I’ve been doing to make a little more space in my life. Now, I know that all probably sounds a little abstract, so just bear with me…I’m going to get to the practical, but first, how do you know you need a little more space?

Are you feeling frazzled and like you're constantly trying to clear the brain fog? Discover how you can create more space and live your best today.

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10 Tips to Make Anywhere Home

I was always one of those people who thought they’d never move outside of their hometown let alone home state. Well, 4 moves in less than 3 years definitely changed all of that, and I had to learn to adapt quickly…very quickly. While it wasn’t easy initially, it did get better with time, especially when I decided that I just had to make my best effort to make wherever I was, or rather we were, home. Now, we are currently in what we consider our forever home and have planted roots here that we’re working hard to maintain; however, I know there are probably plenty of you who very well may be going through some life transitions that involve moving, so I thought I’d share some of my tips with you. It is possible to make anywhere home if you just put forth a little effort and use a few of these ideas.Moving to a new place can be tough. Use these tips, and you’ll start feeling right at home in your new place before you ever thought possible.

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