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Sweet Pepper Poppers

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a tendency to get in a bit of a food “rut.” Fortunately I am someone who can literally eat the same thing for several weeks in a row and not really get tired of it, but I’ve found that that also leads me to not branching out and trying new things as often as I could (or maybe even should).

So I always love trying a new program with a different meal plan to help push me out of my comfort zone and try new things. And believe me the current program I am following is doing just that! But y’all! The new recipes I have tried have been SO good! These sweet pepper poppers just happen to be one of my favorites, so I had to pass them along!

Love those jalapeño popper things? Well, then you HAVE to try these Sweet Pepper Poppers! They're so full of flavor but won't leave you feeling like your insides are on fire!

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15 Self-Care Ideas

After having my daughter, I found myself feeling drained and just a little distraught. (Can any other new mamas relate?) I was giving so much attention to caring for my daughter that I was taking very little time to take care of me, and I was just out of steam. As selfish as I felt at the time, I started carving out a few minutes a day to take care of me – working out, reading a book, showering…And I quickly found that if I did take that time for me, I was a better mom and wife and just had more in general to give. Self-care. That’s what it is about. When I take better care of me, I take better care of them.Though self-care can feel selfish, it’s essential for establishing overall good health. Use these tips to improve your general health.


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Staying on Track with Your Fitness While Traveling

As I’m gearing up to head to Summit, Beachbody’s largest annual event, I figured now was the perfect time to share a few tips on how to stay on track with your fitness while traveling. Plus, I got some great suggestions from my sister-in-law who literally has it all down to a science! So, the next time your headed on trip for business or leisure, don’t right it off as a complete wash for your health and fitness plan! Follow these tips, and you won’t miss a beat!

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and prepping a few things to take with you is key. Especially if you are traveling by car, you can prep meals to take along with you. A simple cooler with ice packs will work, but if you travel often, a meal management system is worth the investment. Most are designed six pack bags that facilitate both meals and liquids. Having enough space for several large bottles of water/liquid for shakes as well as several meals is awesome for traveling! (Also, keep in mind that you can fly with prepacked meals just no liquids!)Travel plans can make it seem impossible to stay on track with your fitness. Check out these tips for sticking with your healthy lifestyle even on the road.











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Tilapia and Veggie Foil Pack Dinner

My philosophy when it comes to meals is the simpler the better, and this tilapia and veggie dish definitely does not disappoint. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this, and it’s so, so good! So, if you’re looking for a light and tasty weeknight meal or even if you need a meal for entertaining, try this!Tilapia is a perfect light and healthy dinner! Try this super-simple tilapia and veggie foil pack meal for a delicious meal any night of the week! Continue reading

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Lots of people say they can’t eat healthy because it’s too expensive. And, I get it. Your grocery bill is likely one of the biggest recurring bills you have each month. However, you can make anything work if you want it bad enough. So, as I’ve made the transition to a healthier diet for our family, I’ve had to focus on ways that I can buy more nutritious food without maxing out our grocery budget. While I may spend a little more every once in a while, with a few simple strategies, I’ve been able to stick right within our monthly grocery budget. So, I wanted to share my “tips and tricks” with you so that you know that you too can eat healthy without breaking the budget.5-tips-for-eating-healthy-on-a-budget

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