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Simplify Your Daily Routine

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different aspects of managing a home and family. I mean, honestly, our little one isn’t even here yet, and I feel like all I get done some days is picking up, cleaning up, and putting away some days. But, I’ve figured out when I have a simple routine, even on days that are messier or harder to handle, I’m able to get a lot more done. As it’s just about that time for everyone to head back to school and for all the busyness of life to hit in full swing, why not take the chance now to simplify your daily routine, get the things done you need to, and make more time for the things you want to do? I came up with a simple system to help me keep our house clean and organized, and I know you can too with these simple tips.Keeping your daily routine simple is the best way to stick to it. Check out these tips for simplifying your daily routine to have a happy, healthy home!

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5 Ways to Be More Grateful

One of my goals in committing to living contently is expressing gratitude daily. But, sometimes that’s just easier said than done. One thing that I’ve found to help, though, is having a few “go-to” strategies when I’m having a harder time being grateful. So, if you ever struggle being grateful or at least readily expressing that gratitude, you may find these strategies helpful, too.

How to Express Gratitude When You’re Not Feeling Very Thankful5 simple tips to help you be more grateful. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and see what a difference it makes in your every day life!

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5 Things You Need to Quit Saying to Yourself

We’ve all been there. Everyone has had a bad day or made a mistake that has left him or her saying, “That was so dumb,” or “I’m never going to get this…” While we all have those days once in a while, if you let yourself dwell in that mindset for too long it will paralyze your ability to ever begin or continue living contently.

Seriously, attitude and your perspective are two key factors that contribute to living contently, and negative self-talk is one of the primary offenders when it comes to sabotaging that effort. So, if you truly want to find contentment, you need to quit saying these 5 things to yourself.

5 Things You Are Saying to Yourself That Are Keeping You from Living Contently5 phrases that are keeping you from Living Contently. Quit saying these 5 things and start living contently today!

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TIGF, Being Truly Grateful

Being grateful takes more than just saying thank you. Learn 3 ways to show you are truly grateful and join me as I reflect on the week.

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It’s that time of the week again – TIGF! You know that I like to share more than just a list of my favorite things with you on Friday, though, so this week we’re talking about gratitude. As I was considering what I wanted to share this week, I realized what a limited perspective of gratitude I often have. I frequently get caught up in saying “thank you” for my many blessings or for a gift from someone only to realize that doesn’t really feel like enough. And, it’s not. Being grateful is more than just saying “thank you,” and here is how. Continue reading