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My Reading List

**In the past year I’ve come across a number of books that through reading have changed my life. I want to share them with you and give you easy access to pick them up for yourself. If you purchase one through any of the highlighted links below, I’ll earn a small compensation at no extra cost to you!

Growing up I always enjoyed reading. There was that one time that I told my teacher I couldn’t read because I didn’t want to, but aside from that, I always had my nose in a book.

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Should I Take a Rest Day?

A question I get asked ALL the time by challengers and other people I talk to is, “Should I take a rest day?” I used to ask the same question too, so I thought I’d share a little insight on the matter.

Think a rest day equates to being lazy? Think again! Check out why you need a rest day and how to incorporate it into your routine here!

Is a Rest Day Essential?

So to answer the question in one word – YES!!! Yes, you need a rest day for a couple of very important reasons. Continue reading

TIGF, A Christmas Challenge

It's easy to celebrate Christmas and go straight back to focusing just on ourselves. Reflect this week and identify ways you can keep Christmas all year.It’s hard to believe we’re already to another Friday, and that Christmas Day is already over. That being said, though, I want to challenge you that as you reflect today and later this week to keep that “Christmas spirit” all year long. I’ve already started that “post-holiday” slump starting to creep in, you know the slight sadness that all of the joy and excitement of the holiday season is coming to an end…But, then I remind myself that I’m the one who chooses my own attitude, and if I choose to maintain that air of excitement, anticipation, and giving, than I can look forward to every season of the year, holiday or not. Continue reading

TIGF, Do Good All Year Long

Reflection is an important part of living contently. Take time each week to reflect on your blessings and make note of the things you are grateful for. Join me as I share 5 things I'm thankful for every Friday.To me, it seems like the holidays have one of two effects on us as far as our outward focus. The holiday season either (1.) stresses out and consumes so much of our time that we struggle to get anything done let alone focusing on other people, or (2.) makes us realize how much we already have and motivates us to share some of our blessing with others. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone (remember when you do that you have 3 more fingers pointing back at you anyway); I am simply reminding you that now is the perfect time to take a minute to slow down and do something for someone else. In fact, I encourage you to do that, to do good, all year long. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Frugal and Festive Christmas Party

Frugal and Festive Christmas Party















I know that I’ve shared with you before that my favorite part of the holiday season is making memories. Well, what better way to make memories than hosting a festive Christmas gathering? There is only one problem. Christmas parties come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is their potential to break the budget. Anytime I host a gathering, it’s my goal to put together a fun event without maxing out our finances, so check out my tips for hosting a frugal and festive Christmas party. Continue reading