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Halloween—Celebrate It or Skip It?


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Growing up in a Christian household, there were a number of activities we skipped out on. Halloween wasn’t one of them.

While I wondered why some other parents forbid their kids to participate in the annual Halloween celebration at school and wouldn’t even allow their children to sit on the sidelines of the yearly parade of costumes through the gym (a practice I eventually wished my parents didn’t support as I got older and more self-conscious), I didn’t think much about it. We also had family traditions, which might have included leaving a bowl of candy on our porch and heading out for trick-or-treating ourselves because let’s be honest, no one is actually going to come 3 miles out in the country to trick-or-treat. But, just in case…

The older I’ve gotten, though, I haven’t supported the holiday any less, and I am actually more excited for Halloween this year than maybe I have ever been. Why you ask? Because, I *should* (crosses fingers and closes eyes tight making a wish) get to pass out candy to little kids in fun costumes from my own home this year – an event I have never gotten to do before. (Remember the bowl I just mentioned?) Continue reading