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15-Minute Roasted Chicken and Veggies

One of the objections I hear the most is “I just don’t have time to eat healthy…” While I know that healthy eating can be a challenge, I’d beg to differ that it takes any extra time to eat healthy. In fact with a few of my favorite recipes and a meal plan, I actually SAVE time by following ahealthy nutrition plan. This 15-Minute Roasted Chicken and Veggies is one of my absolute favorites, so I can wait for you to give it a try!Don't let time be an excuse for you not eating healthy! Try out this 15-Minute Chicken and Veggies recipe for a fast, easy, healthy meal in minutes! Continue reading

Superfood Salad with Seasoned Chicken

The typical salad can be a little boring, so I’m always looking for ways to mix it up a bit. This weekend I came up with this variation on the typical spinach salad, and it was so yummy I couldn’t help but share. Plus, it is so full of nutrition, it’ll fuel your body all day long! So, check out this simple superfood salad the next time you’re looking for an easy but healthy lunch or dinner recipe!The typical salad can be a little boring, but not this one! Try this superfood salad with blackened chicken for a delicious and nutritious meal anytime! Continue reading

Tilapia and Veggie Foil Pack Dinner

My philosophy when it comes to meals is the simpler the better, and this tilapia and veggie dish definitely does not disappoint. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this, and it’s so, so good! So, if you’re looking for a light and tasty weeknight meal or even if you need a meal for entertaining, try this!Tilapia is a perfect light and healthy dinner! Try this super-simple tilapia and veggie foil pack meal for a delicious meal any night of the week! Continue reading

Cinnamon Honey Granola

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I try to limit our processed foods as much as I can. While that’s not always easy to do, one way I am able to accomplish it is doing a little meal prep each week and relying on simple recipes for a few of our favorites! One of my “make every week” recipes is this super-simple Cinnamon Honey Granola! It is honestly one that my husband requests each week, and it literally takes under 5 minutes to prepare (as long as my little one is cooperating) and a bit of time to bake.Love granola but tired of the store-bought variety with all the extras in it? Try this super-simple granola recipe and make your own at home!















I love it too because it’s really easy to change up if we decide we want to add something different in it or are out of something. The recipe is based on an easy 6:1 ratio – 6 cups of dry ingredients to 1 cup of wet ingredients. So, I’ll give you my measurements of what I use, but just know you can always swap things out to suit your fancy.Love granola but tired of the store-bought variety with all the extras in it? Try this super-simple granola recipe and make your own at home! Continue reading