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4 Ways I Find Time for Working Out During the Holidays

How I Find Time for Working Out During the HolidaysI know, I know. I’m already feeling it, too. The holiday hustle and bustle has begun, and I’m having a harder time saying “yes” to working out (and “no” to all the cookies and sweet treats). But, I’m determined this year! I shared my goal with you to exercise just 30 minutes at least 5 days a week, and I mean to stick to my goal. So, this is how I’m going to do it. Continue reading

My Take on Essential Oils Plus 3 Oils To Revitalize Your Health

My Take on Essential OilsIf you have found yourself in any sort of natural health discussion, you’ve probably heard something about “essential oils.” Some people swear by them, and others have no idea what they even are. (When I first asked my husband about looking into them, he was convinced I was saying “sensual oils…”) Anyway, if you’ve never given them a try, you probably wonder if it’s even worth it, so let’s take a look at the major benefits and see what’s in it for you. Continue reading

5 Common Health Hazards and Fixes for the Long Weekend

We all enjoy a break, and an extra day tacked onto the end of a weekend can be just the reprieve we need. While a long weekend can offer the time to enjoy some extra time with your friends and family or just an opportunity to spend a little more time outside, it also affords the potential for some additional health hazards. I want to hear your stories of how much fun you had this weekend not of the health issues that arose, so let’s take some time to discuss how we can protect our health and that of our families this weekend.Weekend Wellness

Common Health Hazards and Fixes

Extra time at any point in the week means I get to spend time doing what I want to do whether that be painting the fence outside, hosting a cookout (complete with S’mores), or just sitting in a chair reading a book in our backyard. Being aware of the most common long weekend health hazards and the best fixes for those issues will help all of us stay a little healthier this weekend. Continue reading

A Few More Nutrients in My Homemade Bread

(Disclosure: This content includes link affiliate links, which provide me with a small compensation for the sale. You are not obligated to use these links, but when you do so it helps support this site, so thank you!) Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

You may remember my reflection on baking bread recently. Today I’m revisiting that same recipe and sharing a few additional ingredients with you. That initial recipe is one that I began using nearly a year ago that I have since tweaked to add even more goodness.

Why I Choose Wheat?

My decision to choose whole wheat products over white is not a recent one. I think most of our initial food preferences are influenced by our families, especially early in life, which is how I initially began eating wheat bread. I don’t necessarily remember the exact point when my mom began buying wheat over white bread when I was a child (or even if we ever actually ate white bread). I just remember always having wheat – a decision that has stuck with me to this day.

As an adult now, though, I am trying to stick to some of those roots of making healthier eating choices but in doing so, I want to make educated decisions about the food I put in my body (and my husbands). I continue to stick to my wheat bread preference, but I choose to go beyond the store-bought loaves, most of the time at least, for a variety of reasons. Continue reading

Sinus Infection Bomb and Other Natural Sinus Remedies

The Mister and I just got over sinus infections, like the hacking, hooping, snotting…kind. (I apologize for the graphic description, but I want you to understand how bad it was.) It started out pretty minimally with a sore throat but quickly developed with all of the other symptoms. I knew I needed to get something to kick this thing fast, so I started exploring all of my natural options. It didn’t take long for me to develop what I now lovingly call the “Natural Sinus Infection Bomb.”

Sinus Infection

The Sinus Infection Bomb

I immediately started dosing us with a potent combination of some of my favorite essential oils – OnGuard, oregano, and frankincense. I combined the oils in a veggie capsule that we took in the morning and in the evening. Continue reading