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Simple Health Solutions for Busy Moms

As moms we have a lot on our plates. Diaper changes, play dates, family meals, classroom meetings, job responsibilities…

You name it, we take care of it. And often that means we put ourselves and our own needs last. I quickly found, though, when I neglected myself and especially my nutrition, I didn’t have as much to give.

As busy moms we put our needs on the back burner, which only leaves us with less to give. Check out these simple health solutions for busy moms to help!

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5 Easy Tips to Start Your Health Journey

Getting started is often the hardest part of any major change, especially when it comes to your health. If you’ve done any amount of research into making changes to your nutrition or getting started with a workout program, you probably feel inundated with information and even a little overwhelmed with the number of conflicting opinions. Don’t get stuck before you even get started! Simplify the process and kickstart your journey to a healthier you with these 5 simple steps!Lots of people get stuck even before they get started. Don’t let that be you! Use these 5 simple tips to kickstart your health journey today!

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15 Self-Care Ideas

After having my daughter, I found myself feeling drained and just a little distraught. (Can any other new mamas relate?) I was giving so much attention to caring for my daughter that I was taking very little time to take care of me, and I was just out of steam. As selfish as I felt at the time, I started carving out a few minutes a day to take care of me – working out, reading a book, showering…And I quickly found that if I did take that time for me, I was a better mom and wife and just had more in general to give. Self-care. That’s what it is about. When I take better care of me, I take better care of them.Though self-care can feel selfish, it’s essential for establishing overall good health. Use these tips to improve your general health.


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Staying on Track with Your Fitness While Traveling

As I’m gearing up to head to Summit, Beachbody’s largest annual event, I figured now was the perfect time to share a few tips on how to stay on track with your fitness while traveling. Plus, I got some great suggestions from my sister-in-law who literally has it all down to a science! So, the next time your headed on trip for business or leisure, don’t right it off as a complete wash for your health and fitness plan! Follow these tips, and you won’t miss a beat!

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and prepping a few things to take with you is key. Especially if you are traveling by car, you can prep meals to take along with you. A simple cooler with ice packs will work, but if you travel often, a meal management system is worth the investment. Most are designed six pack bags that facilitate both meals and liquids. Having enough space for several large bottles of water/liquid for shakes as well as several meals is awesome for traveling! (Also, keep in mind that you can fly with prepacked meals just no liquids!)Travel plans can make it seem impossible to stay on track with your fitness. Check out these tips for sticking with your healthy lifestyle even on the road.











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