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Easy, Healthy Summer Dinner with Squash and Sausage

Y’all! It is definitely that time of year when I just don’t want to spend any more time in the kitchen (or on anything really) than I have to! I don’t want to sacrifice on my nutrition goals, though, so I’m wracking my brain for all the EASY but healthy summer dinner options I can think of!

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The Reality of Recovering from an Eating Disorder

Healthy eating and exercising are good habits unless the result is an eating disorder. Understand the reality of recovering from an eating disorder.




















The night I hid my turkey sandwich in the garbage after having eaten less than a quarter of it and immediately headed to work out again right after, I knew I had a problem…While I was never clinically diagnosed with an eating disorder, I without a doubt had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise that distorted the way I viewed my body (and sometimes still do). The thing is when you have an issue with food and exercise and self-image, you never really get completely past it. You get better, but you don’t get over it.

I share this not for my benefit, not for sympathy, and not for the shock and awe effect. But, rather, I want to share my experience and this information for those individuals who have been or may currently or eventually be affected by a similar condition. It is my hope that by joining in the effort to raise awareness, I can prevent the same distortion from happening to you, your friend, your daughter, or a stranger. I’d like to share my experience as I developed and then recovered from an eating disorder as well as a few tips that helped my recovery along the way. Continue reading

5 Tips for Frugal, Healthy Eating on the Go

While traveling does make sticking to a budget and healthy eating more difficult, it’s not impossible. Use these tips to eat healthy and frugal on the go.This past weekend, Barnabas and I spent over 20 hours on the road, and this weekend we’re already preparing for another trip (flying this time). With all of this travel for his job right now and more to come in the near future, I realized that many of you are probably also faced with the challenge of frugal, healthy eating on the road, too.

While traveling does make sticking to a budget and a healthy eating plan more difficult, it’s not impossible. With a little planning and some prep work on my part, we’ve been able to stick to our budget as well as our normal diet even on the road, and I know you can do the same. Whether you’re traveling for work, commuting to school, or just a busy family on the go a lot, you can eat healthy and frugal on the go. Continue reading