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Healthy Valentine Dessert

Holidays for me have always been about the food. Okay, let’s just be real honest. Holidays for me have always been about the desserts. I can’t pass up an indulgent treat, and a holiday is the perfect excuse to go big or go home. In recent years I’ve tried to break that cycle a little, but I still find myself feeling a bit dissatisfied if I just avoid them altogether. So I have started either planning in a little room for a small treat or I look for a healthier alternative that does fit into my plan. The nutrition plan I’m following right now doesn’t have much room for “cheats,” so I decided to whip up a healthy Valentine dessert. And let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint!

Want an indulgent Valentine desserts that is as nutritious as it is delicious? Try this light and fluffy Chocolate Ricotta Mousse!

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