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15 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Families

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It’s easy to make Thanksgiving just about the day of celebration itself. We all get together, maybe watch a little football or a big parade, and of course we all enjoy a delicious meal…However, when we allow the holiday to be about little more than this type of celebration, we completely lose sight of why the day is actually set aside. While we aren’t necessarily going to get to do our usual activities with our new little one, I know there are still a few things we can do to practice a season of thanks rather than just feasting on the fourth Thursday in November. If you’re looking for a few activities to do as a family to practice a little gratitude and Thanksgiving, check out this list!Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be about the day and a big meal. In fact, it shouldn’t be! Try these activities to instill gratitude all month long!

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TIGF, 3 Ways To Appreciate Your Circumstances

To appreciate your circumstances, you have to take time to be grateful. Learn 3 ways to appreciate your circumstances and be grateful.

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but I am not a fan of winter, except of course at Christmas time. Ok, let’s get it right, it’s not so much the season itself I don’t like. It is the cold. I knew as we made this move to the northeast, though, that I’d be in for a lot more winter-weather than I’d experienced in the last couple of years (and really in my life). I thought I’d lucked out as we had gotten through December and some of the “pre-winter” months with pretty mild temperatures and relatively little snowfall, but I was wrong. This week, winter has reared its head in full force (below 0 temperatures, I mean really?!), and I’m trying to adjust. As I do, though, this season and its disagreeable weather is teaching me a few things. So, this week in addition to my reflection, I want to share my tips for appreciating the circumstances. Continue reading

TIGF, Five Questions to Ask at Year End

As you reflect, it's important to ask yourself thoughtful questions. Use this list to help you reflect on last year and prepare for the year ahead.I hope it’s not too late to say it, but either way, Happy New Year! After traveling all over for Christmas, we decided to keep it simple for New Year’s Eve and just stayed in. We snacked on leftovers, reflected on the previous year, and headed to be way before the ball dropped. And, you know what, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! While I’m still in the reflective mood, I want to share a little of what our conversation centered on as well as my typical week-end reflection. Continue reading

TIGF, Gratitude Is More Than Just an Attitude

Things I'm Grateful ForI’ve mentioned before that gratitude is about more than just your attitude. It’s about cultivating a lifestyle of thanksgiving. While I’ll admit, I am not there yet, I am trying to do better. I am instituting weekly habits (like the regular TIGF posts) that help me reflect on all of my blessings, and I am focusing on making the most of what we have rather than the other way around.

When it comes down to it, though, gratitude goes beyond just saying or thinking things. Being truly grateful involves taking action, living life differently because you understand that you have the responsibility to nurture and protect the things with which you’ve been blessed. As you (and I) reflect on your blessing this week, I encourage you to consider a few questions to transform your life into one of not only giving thanks but of also living thankful. Continue reading

TIGF Thanksgiving Style

Things I'm Grateful ForI hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to take some time to enjoy more than just the turkey and stuffing! I’m so glad you are joining me for another week of TIGF. I am really enjoying sharing my personal Thanksgivings with you regularly and hope you can do the same!

This week I’m particularly thankful as we’ve been able to take some time to rest and relax with family as well as reflect on our personal blessings. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and join me in my reflection. Continue reading