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Tuesday Tidbit, Obedience

We talked last week about God providing all of our needs. So, this week, I felt it was an appropriate segway to touch on His “requirements” for us. I don’t ever want Grace to think that she is “owed” anything, and I honestly believe that God teaches us that throughout the Bible. He asks us to have a response to Him, and through our response, He blesses us. God expects little of us but obedience to Him. Discover how He rewards our obedience and sets the expectation for us in today's mini-devotional.

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Tuesday Tidbit, God’s Provision

Something that God has really been impressing on my heart this week is literally how He so richly provides for us. It’s not just in big things either. He provides in simple, small, consistent ways, and for that I could not be more thankful.God's provision is greater than anything we can imagine. Discover the reality of his provision in today's mini-devotional.

That understanding of His provision is something that I also want to start cultivating in Grace right now. So, I decided there was no better verse than this one found in Philippians 4:19 to focus on this week, Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbit, Accept Instruction

Our church started a new series in Proverbs on Sunday, and as we read through this week’s verse, it really stood out to me. I want Grace to develop into a women of wisdom, and I want her to understand that the instruction that her daddy and I give her is intended to help her do that. I think this verse is a perfect reminder of the concept for all of us.We provide instruction to our children to lead and guide them. Discover how God expects them to respond in today's mini-devotional.

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Tuesday Tidbit, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

As I have undergone the physical and emotional transformation that has been my weight loss journey post baby, I have come to love and appreciate my body more than ever. One reason I took on this task of getting healthier and improving my self-concept was to help my daughter navigate those choppy waters of self-doubt and body image as she grows. I know that the way I view my body does and will have a significant impact on how she view hers, so I want to start instilling confidence in her from a very young age. I can’t help but look to this week’s verse for encouragement!We were all fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who makes only good things. Discover how this impacts your perspective of self in today's devo.

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