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Goal Setting Success Tips

I know the end of March isn’t really the time that most people are hyper-focused on their goals, but why not? We can set and achieve goals at any time that we want, but we have to know how to do it. I won’t say that I’m any success superstar, but I will say that of the handful of goals that I’ve set this year, I’ve already achieved many of them, including reaching my goal weight, advancing in rank as a coach, and more.Setting and achieving your goals is no easy task, but the right strategy helps. Use these tips to successfully set goals and go after your dreams!

That being said, I figured now was as good of a time as any to share a few of my tips with you because who couldn’t use a little help being more successful? So, if you’ve struggled setting goals in the past or just refuse to set them because you’re afraid to, then these tips are for you. The process isn’t “foolproof,” but it is pretty simple and will help you get a better handle on setting goals to achieve success. Continue reading

Yes, You Can Set Goals and Still Be Happy

Just because you're striving toward your goals doesn't mean you can't be happy. Use these tips to work toward achieving your goals and still be happy.




















Have you ever thought, “I’ll be happy when…”

  • I lose 15 pounds.
  • I get a new job.
  • I get a new car.
  • I buy a house.

At some point, all of us have had a thought similar to this. I know I’ve definitely thought I’d be happier when we met certain “benchmark” points in our life, but I realized that thinking is problematic. If we make our happiness contingent on our goals, we’ll never get to experience true happiness. And, shouldn’t we be able to work toward our goals and be happy, content even, in the process? Yes! Continue reading