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Tips for Planning a Gender Reveal Party

If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with me on Facebook, you probably saw we hosted a little Gender Reveal a few weeks ago. It was so much fun, I just couldn’t help but share how I put it all together and how it turned out. Now, just to throw this out there…I’ve had people ask what is the purpose of a Gender Reveal and if it’s just a way to get more presents. (I was a little taken aback by this but paid it no mind as it came from a complete stranger.)Expecting a little one soon and want to plan an epic party to divulge the big gender secret? Check out these tips to help you plan and host a gender reveal!We hosted our Gender Reveal as a celebration of the child we’re expecting. Sure, we’ll have several opportunities to do this in the next few months with people who are gracious enough to host parties for us, but we sort of took the Gender Reveal as our opportunity to invite those we love into our home to begin the celebration of Baby C. Continue reading