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Rapid Rebuild Fitness Program for Maximum Results

I honestly used to be the girl who tried to put a “fitness program” together on my own. I’d look up YouTube videos and put them together with a few of my own exercises to come up with what I thought was something that would help me get results. The problem? Well, I’ve never had any formal training in exercise physiology, and I really don’t know what it takes to create a program. So what I’d put together would help me get moving but not necessarily help me get major results.

Tired of doing the same old fitness program and not getting results? Try this rapid rebuild fitness program for maximum results and motivation!

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5 Fun Workouts to Keep You Motivated

Weekend WellnessI don’t know about you, but I find it hardest to keep my physical fitness in check on the weekends. Whether it’s enjoying a few extra treats or ignoring my scheduled “workout routine,” I just seem to lack focus on the weekend and end up feeling lousy because of it. In an effort to maintain my commitment to physical activity and have fun doing it, I’m looking for ways to mix up my weekend activities and to come up with new but healthy “treats.” I hope you’ll join me and help push me along the way. This week I have 5 fun workouts for you (and me).

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