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Should I Take a Rest Day?

A question I get asked ALL the time by challengers and other people I talk to is, “Should I take a rest day?” I used to ask the same question too, so I thought I’d share a little insight on the matter.

Think a rest day equates to being lazy? Think again! Check out why you need a rest day and how to incorporate it into your routine here!

Is a Rest Day Essential?

So to answer the question in one word – YES!!! Yes, you need a rest day for a couple of very important reasons. Continue reading

A Revolution in Fitness, All-Access Challenge Packs

When I first started coaching, I felt like I had all of the resources I needed to set my challengers up for success. While that was true then, it is EVEN more true now!!! I am pretty excited to share that Beachbody is giving a pretty big gift this season – a revolution in fitness – but more on that later!

As a coach, I get to support people in their health and fitness journeys by running virtual challenge groups. And in January Beachbody has invited me to run a group that allows participants to get paid for getting fit! But now they’re taking it one step further!!!

It's easy to look at fitness as a one and done thing! The All-Access Challenge Pack is changing that. Use this option to revolutionize your fitness today!

Today, December 27, 2016, the company is launching what I consider a revolution in fitness through the All-Access On Demand Challenge Pack. Why is this so revolutionary? Well, the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand membership provides TOTAL access to EVERY PROGRAM available on Beachbody On Demand, plus future releases! Continue reading

The Missing Piece | Community

For years I had tried to do the whole “fitness thing” on my own. I’d make a little progress and then fall backward. Or worse, I’d end up going off the deep end with my eating or exercise and just let it get way out of control – one way or another.

When my daughter came along, though, I knew something had to change, and I researched and researched until I found something that would make it different. That’s when I got started with the 21 Day Fix, as most of you know. And while I attribute my weight loss and change and nutrition and fitness to the Fix, I couldn’t have done it without the missing piece – the community.

When I got started and really dug in with my fitness journey, I also committed to being a part of something that was bigger than me, something that supported and encouraged me, and something that provided me with everything I needed to be successful – a fit family and the community I needed to really stick with it.

Since realizing what a difference this community made for me, I wanted to be able to provide that to YOU on a variety of different levels. Now, I still run my traditional challenge groups, and that is still where I provide the most specific support. However, I am opening up a new opportunity for anyone who is looking to make a healthy change but isn’t quite ready to commit to a challenge group yet.

The missing piece of the puzzle for most people is community. Become a part of my Living Contently Wellness Community here!

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5 Ways to Make this Holiday Different

I don’t know about you, but it seems like for me the holiday season has always been about one thing…The FOOD! Now, don’t bet me wrong. I know the real reason for the season, but as far as celebrating goes, most of our traditions revolve around food. And I don’t mean the healthy ones. So as I begin to plan for the upcoming holiday season, I’m determined to make this year different.

I don’t want to sacrifice all of those things that I enjoy, including the flavors and scents of the holiday season. But I want to be able to enjoy and find a little more balance with everything. So here are the 5 ways I’ll be making this holiday different in an effort to stay on track!It's easy to make the holiday season all about the food, but there's no balance in that. Use these tips to make this holiday different and enjoy the season! Continue reading

A Simple Plan for Staying on Track through the Holidays

Believe me, I’m not trying to rush through fall or anything, but I know how fast time goes. So I am trying to do a little planning ahead, so I was thinking the other day. Why is it that we all make resolutions on January 1st? And, why is it that nearly 38 percent of the resolutions made are weight-related? I’d wager a bet that it’s because we ALL regret all of the indulgences we “enjoy” through the holiday season.

In all reality, though, some people never make real progress on the health and fitness goals because they spend all year working on losing weight and then end up putting it all back on once the Halloween candy hits the counter! Even beyond the weight gain, though, do you realize that a diet higher in carbs and sugar is actually linked to an increase in depression?

So, the holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” when we all feel full of love and joy. But, when we combine the stress of managing the Christmas budget, the depression and fatigue that are brought on by indulging in excess carbs and too much sugar and the anxiety of trying to keep everyone happy, and the insecurity of feeling unhappy about how we look…It’s really no wonder we’re all so anxious to make some changes come January 1st!

But, I’m here to tell you there IS another way! And, I want to help! Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to suggest that you eat carrots and celery at Thanksgiving dinner, but I do want to help you enjoy all of your favorite holiday treats WITHOUT the guilt (or extra pounds) that often come with them!The holidays can easily undo all of the hard work you've put in all year long. Use these 3 tips to stay on track and still enjoy the upcoming holidays!

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