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Tuesday Tidbit, God Is with Me When I Take Care of Me

I have mentioned on different occasions that part of my reasoning for taking care of me is my daughter. Not only do I take better care of her when I’m taking better care of me, but I also want to set the example to her that taking care of ourselves is important, so I felt like there was no better time than the present to start introducing that concept. I want Grace to know that God expects us to take care of and honor our bodies, which is not always something that I’ve realized (or at least fully accepted).When we take care of our bodies, we bring honor to God. Discover how taking care of yourself relates to honoring God and share it with your child today.

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I’m Breaking Up with the Mom Guilt

The other day, I shared this photo and a bit of my heart on Instagram. On that single post, I had several comments, likes, and other interactions, and it got me thinking…It’s time to break up with the mom guilt. For me, for you, for any mama out there…

I’m only 4 months into this motherhood thing, but I’ve already chided myself on more than one occasion for not being good enough, for not measuring up to other moms, for not doing the right thing, for not knowing what thing to do. But, enough is enough. I think we’re all too hard on ourselves as moms, and it’s time we cut it out. Continue reading

My Worth Isn’t Found in Naptime

It’s naptime again, and I find myself wanting to feverishly type the words into Google yet again…”Tips for getting baby to sleep” or “sleeping schedules for babies” or “HELP! My baby won’t sleep!” You see, I’ve discovered something. For whatever reason, I have been battling a serious case of self-worth misplacement, or at least that’s what I’m calling it.As a mother, it's easy to encapsulate our worth in our babies. Discover where your worth truly comes from and find some encouragment as a mom today.

I’ve shared in a few different places that this motherhood thing is hard…And, it is. But, what’s even harder is when we so intricately wrap ourselves and our worth, our value into our babies. It’s easy to do as a mama. You know, we participated in creating this little being. We grew this precious little person in our womb. And, now, we have the divine appointment to care for, love, and guide this little one. That’s a big responsibility. One that is, or at least can be, all-consuming.

But, if you hear (okay, read) nothing else in this, hear this…Mama, your worth is not found in naptime, successful or not. Your value is not dependent upon whether you choose (or had to) formula feed or nurse. Your identity as a mother has nothing to do with your baby’s fussiness, contentment, early (or late) development.

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Where I Belong

As I get closer and closer to the birth of my first little one, I am brought closer and closer to my relationship with my heavenly Father. The more I recognize this relationship, the more I am humbled and in complete awe of all that He has done in our lives. One big thing that that is also reminding me is the great responsibility I have to guide my daughter toward a relationship with Him – a relationship that will manifest beyond our lives here. All of that being said, I was reminded this morning of this popular song by Building 429.It's easy to get overwhelmed. Remember this world is not where we belong but that in everything we do, God will provide the grace to get us through.

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