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Tuesday Tidbit, Obedience

We talked last week about God providing all of our needs. So, this week, I felt it was an appropriate segway to touch on His “requirements” for us. I don’t ever want Grace to think that she is “owed” anything, and I honestly believe that God teaches us that throughout the Bible. He asks us to have a response to Him, and through our response, He blesses us. God expects little of us but obedience to Him. Discover how He rewards our obedience and sets the expectation for us in today's mini-devotional.

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Tuesday Tidbit, I Formed You…

Each night before we tuck Grace into bed, we each have special things we say to her. Part of mine is telling her that God made her to do great things. I want her to know from a very young age that God set her apart and called her to be a woman after His own heart, someone that He has a purpose and a plan for, and that is one way I am instilling it in her. I’ve also claimed verses for her since before she was born, and this week’s key verse is one of them.Even before they were born, God had intentions for our little ones. Take today as a reminder that God formed your little one with a purpose in mind.

You may or may not be aware that received a somewhat uncommon diagnosis for our pregnancy after our full anatomy scan at around 20 weeks. The initial ultrasound indicated that we might have a marginal cord insertion, and when we had the follow up a few weeks later, it was confirmed. If you’ve ever experienced having an unconfirmed diagnosis (and being hours out of town before), then you have an idea of what I was going through. But, add on top of that that the diagnosis had more to do with my unborn baby than me, and you get a little mental image of what this mama’s heart was feeling… Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbit, This Isn’t Fair

Many of the lessons I want to teach Grace from an early age actually stem from things that I wish I would have started applying sooner. (Read that right. It’s not that they weren’t taught to me. I just didn’t apply them…) That being said, I’ve recently been reading through Lysa Terkeurst’s book Made to Crave, and to say it’s been eye-opening is an understatement. One of the things that has struck me the most recently is a chapter she title, “This Isn’t Fair!”So often we hear or repeat the phrase, "This isn't fair!" Discover how to move beyond this mentality and rely on God's strength in moments of comparison.

How many times do we hear that phrase? And, how many times do we say that phrase? “This isn’t fair…” We compare our situations to others or even just consider our own situation and deem it unfair. The point she makes in the text, though, is if we can get past that “this isn’t fair” mentality, it opens us up to live in even closer relationship with God, and that’s what I want Grace to understand from this week’s verse. Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbit – God Provides

One of my expectant mama friends was sharing the other day how she has a journal for her babies that she writes in every day. And what she writes in that journal each day is how God provides for their family. Her hope and plan is to read it with the little ones and then give it to them as adults to read for themselves so they will always know the faithfulness of God’s love. I was blown away by this act and immediately put it in my mind to begin instilling this same concept of God’s love in Grace each day, so naturally, this week we’re focusing on a verse sharing how God always provides for us.God shows His faithfulness in how He provides for our families. Discover how to share that faithfulness with your little one in this mini-devo.

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