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5 Easy Tips for Simple Fall Decorating

Aside from Christmas decorating, fall decorating is my absolute favorite type of embellishing to do. I know I’ve mentioned it more than a few times, but fall is my absolute favorite season. There is just something about all of the colors, scents, and sights that are customary to fall that I just can’t get over. Plus, the slight coolness of the weather is just perfect. So, when I get in the mood for fall decorating, it’s all about bringing a bit of that loveliness to life in our home. I don’t necessarily go “all out” for seasonal decorating like some people. I prefer to keep it pretty simple but yet classy so I can maximize the use of my décor items and enjoy the same decorations all season long without having to switch out things that are Halloween specific, etc. So, if you want a subtle hint of fall in your home (on a budget, of course), check out my tips for decorating for fall.Fall decorating doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. In fact, the simpler, the better. Use these tips to adorn your home with simple fall style.

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5 Tips for Frugal Fall Decorating

5 Tips for Frugal Fall Decorating

It’s no secret…I love fall! So, it goes without saying when we purchased our home earlier this year, I immediately started dreaming of how I would flavor it with a touch of fall colors and harvest freshness. When it came time to decorate for fall, though, we were right in the midst of our Savings in September series, so I knew I wanted to add some fall freshness to our home on a budget. It turns out, I was able to add some fun fall décor for less than $15. Keep reading for a few of my best tips. Continue reading