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Homemade Cleaning Recipes for a Frugal Household

Are you fed up with all those expensive cleaners that in most cases turn out to be ineffective and way too expensive? Many people believe the lie that commercial cleaning products guarantee for perfect cleaning, however, that is not completely true. Apart from lacking the required efficiency, they are not cost-effective solution for your monthly budget.

Household Cleaners

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Stop fooling yourself that what is on the market is the best for your home. Instead try this new approach.

In case you are thrilled by the idea of trying something new and to include it in your cleaning kit, this article will definitely serve you excellently. It will supply you with wonderful ideas for homemade recipes for a frugal household. You may be surprised but there are great green recipes, thanks to which you will be able to save up a lot of money. There is no need to trust commercial cleaners that cost the earth and that will eventually turn out to be ineffective are saying from MainCleaners SW8. Continue reading

How to Rescue Your Basement and Minimize Damage After a Flood

While I realized it had been really rainy, as in torrential downpour on a regular basis, nothing could have prepared me for walking into a flooded basement…Thankfully, I had just picked my parents up from the airport and they entered the house with me, or I probably would have just sat in the water adding bucket loads of my tears to the already huge amount of water in our basement. A basement flood is no joke, but after having been through one (at 6+ months pregnant), I feel qualified to give you a few pointers should you ever find yourself in that situation. So, should you ever come home to a flooded basement, here are a few of my best tips.A basement flood is no joke, but with the right tactics, you can safely recover the space. Use these tips after a flood and minimize damage.

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Task List

Okay, so I’ll go ahead and start off by admitting it…I’m not much of one for a major cleaning spree. Remember, I prefer to do a little bit every day, so I don’t have to clean a bunch at once. However, I will confess that I do see at least some benefit in an annual spring cleaning. There is just something about this time of year that necessitates making everything fresh and clean.

Even though I do appreciate that freshness, though, I often get sidetracked when I’m doing a full spring cleaning. So, I found what helps me is to have a checklist. And, guess what! I can even use this list to break it down a bit, so I’m not doing so much all at once. You know I love that!

If you’re like me and need to break up your tasks a bit, or if you just like checking things off the list once you’ve accomplished them, check out my comprehensive spring cleaning list.

The Only Spring Cleaning Checklist You’ll Ever NeedA list of all the spring cleaning tasks you need to do. Use this list to organize your tasks, and your house will be sparkling in no time!

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How To Get a Clean Home in Minutes A Day

I get it, and I’m right there with you. No one has hours to spend cleaning no matter what day of the week it is. So, how do you get your home clean without spending hours doing it? My trick is to do just a little bit each day, so that (1.) I always have an entirely clean house and (2.) I spend mere minutes cleaning each day. So, how does it work? Keep reading to learn all of my tips and tricks for getting and keeping my home clean in just minutes a day!

Easy Cleaning Schedule to Get Your Whole House Clean in Minutes6 easy steps to get a clean home in just minutes a day. Quit wasting your time and use this simple strategy to get your home clean in minutes a day!

I know, the task of cleaning your whole house can seem daunting. We went from a small one room apartment to a two story house with more rooms than I can count…So, my simple solution was to institute a regular cleaning routine, so I could easily keep our house clean. This is how I do it. Continue reading

Get a Cleaner Clean Using Natural Home Cleaning Products

Healthy AlternativesKeeping with our theme, we’re taking a look at alternative cleaning products today. When I started considering the types of products I was using to “clean” my home, I again decided that there had to better options to get my home cleaner but to still rely on healthy products. As I scoured the internet, I found a variety of different suggestions and used many of them to come up with my current set of natural home cleaning products.

Vinegar: The Key IngredientVinegar

No matter, where I looked it seemed like every recipe had one ingredient in common – vinegar. I’ve never been much of a vinegar fan (couldn’t handle the smell and am certainly not one for the taste), but I decided if it was that common of a suggestion, it must be good.

In the beginning, I was still skeptical, so I wanted to know how it worked before I gave it a whirl. ABC Health and Wellbeing relates that vinegar is an inexpensive, non-toxic, and biodegradable product. According to this source, vinegar works by denaturing or chemically altering the proteins and fats that comprise common household germs, like bacteria and viruses. Vinegar is 5% acetic acid, so it is a relatively powerful cleaner. Continue reading