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My Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Baking

One of my favorite pastimes during the holiday season is baking. But when I’m making treats to enjoy around the house and to take with us elsewhere, the cost of holiday baking can add up fast, particularly because I like to get a good variety of treats. However, I have discovered a few ways to save a little money on holiday baking so I don’t have to put as much of our Christmas budget toward baking. So, if you want to enjoy your holiday baking without busting your budget, check out these tips for saving money on your holiday baking.Holiday baking can be a big budget-buster if you let it. Enjoy your holiday baking without busting your budget with these simple tips.

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My All-time Favorite Sweet Christmas Recipes

To me few things signal the holiday season more than baking because there are just so many fun Christmas recipes and treats that we only get to enjoy this time of year. The smells, tastes, and even feels of those treats bring me back to my own childhood Christmases and are memories I want to give my daughter as well. So, this holiday season, I plan to try to make as many of these Christmas cookie and candy recipes as I can. They are all my favorites and ones that already hold special memories for me or that I hope to start making with my sweet little one.Few things signal the holidays more than sweet treats. Check out my favorite Christmas recipes to make your own yummy treats and memories this year!

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