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Going to the Beach with a Baby

We recently got back from our first big vacation with our baby girl. Where did we go? My favorite place – the beach! And, let me add despite the 10+ hour drive both ways overnight and a teething baby girl, it was a VERY successful trip! Now, I probably have the majority of my family to thank for that as everyone was so helpful in spending time with her and keeping her content, but I’d also attribute it to a little bit of prep on all of our parts. So, I thought I’d share a few of our beach must-haves for making a trip to the beach with a baby as much fun as possible.The first trip to the beach with a baby can be challenging. Check out these must-haves for a beach trip with a baby and decide what you need to pack!

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Must-Haves for Baby’s First Month

*This post contains affiliate links to baby products that I just know will help you and baby adjust more smoothly in your first month home.

While I wouldn’t by any stretch of the imagination suggest that I have this motherhood thing figured out yet, I would like to think that I’ve found a few things that work with baby (as well as a few that don’t). Going into it, I knew that having a baby would significantly change our lives and would take some getting used to. But, like I told one of the nursing assistants in the hospital where I delivered, there isn’t really any amount of “preparing” that can get you ready for the experience of taking home a new baby. However, there are certainly things that make it easier. Now that we’re through our first several weeks of babyhood, I think I have a better feel for those “helpful” things, and I’d like to share that knowledge with other mamas out there. So, if you are expecting a little one soon or just like to prepare in advance, I’d suggesting picking up these must-haves for baby’s first months.Everything on the registry is not a must-have, but there are a few things you can't do without. Check out this list of 5 must-haves for baby's first month.

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