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Budget-Friendly Medicine Cabinet Makeover

One of the best ways you can reduce toxins is your home is ditching traditional medicine. Complete a medicine cabinet makeover on a budget and get healthy.If you look at the majority of medications in your medicine cabinet right now, you’ll probably be met with any number of health warnings and precautions. We decided several months ago that we wanted to avoid all of the potential hazards of common medications and began trading in many of our traditional remedies for home remedies. I’ll be the first to admit that we’re not quite there yet (and we’ll probably always keep a few over-the-counter options on hand for when we’re in a pinch), but we have made a number of changes to reduce our toxic intake via medicine. If you want to make the change, too, check out my tips and must-have natural remedies for a budget-friendly medicine cabinet makeover. Continue reading

Sinus Infection Bomb and Other Natural Sinus Remedies

The Mister and I just got over sinus infections, like the hacking, hooping, snotting…kind. (I apologize for the graphic description, but I want you to understand how bad it was.) It started out pretty minimally with a sore throat but quickly developed with all of the other symptoms. I knew I needed to get something to kick this thing fast, so I started exploring all of my natural options. It didn’t take long for me to develop what I now lovingly call the “Natural Sinus Infection Bomb.”

Sinus Infection

The Sinus Infection Bomb

I immediately started dosing us with a potent combination of some of my favorite essential oils – OnGuard, oregano, and frankincense. I combined the oils in a veggie capsule that we took in the morning and in the evening. Continue reading

7 Healthy Alternatives to Common Headache Remedies

If you are like me and the other 47% of the adult population, you experience headaches at some prevalence. I don’t know about you, but I hate having headaches. But, what I hate even more is treating my aches and pains with unnecessary and even, potentially, dangerous ingredients or chemicals. With my focus on living healthier and reducing the toxic load in my body, I’ve been exploring different headache remedies to use when I just can’t take the pain.headache

The Problem with Common Headache Remedies

If we’re being honest (which I always try to do with you), popping a Tylenol is easy and effective. (And, there are still some days when this is the only option that works. You know those days when I have a dozen different places to be and no time to do any of it…) Anyway, I try to avoid this treatment option as often as I can because of a few facts I have learned. Continue reading