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Back on Track with an Easy Portion Fix Meal Plan

I’ve honestly been pretty lax with meal planning lately, so I decided to hold myself a little more accountable by sharing my weekly meal plan and a few of my favorite recipes! I’ve been following the Portion Fix system for over a year now, and it really works for me. So that’s what each of my meal plans will be based on primarily!

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The Benefits of Clean Eating

Before I got started with the 21 Day Fix, I had tried everything from counting calories to taking “diet pills.” And, none of it worked, at least long term that is. After having my baby girl, though, I decided I needed to learn how to do it the right way and got established with my program. Little did I know that one of the primary components of my success was something I had already been hearing a lot about – clean eating. As a successful 21 Day Fixer, I’m here to tell you that eating clean isn’t just some fad. It’s a healthy way of eating that focuses on consuming whole, minimally process foods – think whole grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, lean proteins – to support the better functioning of your body. So, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? You better believe it, and here’s why.Clean eating isn’t just some new-fangled diet. Discover the primary benefits of clean eating and how it can improve your health and help you lose weight. Continue reading

Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt

I’m always looking for fresh ways to satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing all of my hard work or sabotaging my cleaning eating efforts. When you have a sweet tooth like mine, you really have to have options that mimic the real thing without falling back into the trap of refined or processed sugar. This new Greek yogurt treat that I’ve come up with certainly does not disappoint on either account.I am always looking for healthy alternatives to sweet treats. This Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt really hits the spot and is full of protein too!

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Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Bloat…

I’ll be the first to admit that most years I leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling overly full absolutely stuffed…This year, though, I plan to enjoy the meal without overdoing it. I’ve spent the last several weeks successfully losing the baby weight, and I’m not about to undo all of my hard work at one meal. That being said, I plan to use what I’ve learned following the 21 Day Fix as well as some general healthy living tips to survive the Thanksgiving meal without feeling bloated and disgusting for the week following. To avoid the bloat, this is what I plan to do…If you normally leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling stuffed, make a change this year. Use these tips to eat healthy but still enjoy Thanksgiving.

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Losing the Baby Weight Post-Pregnancy

I worked very hard prior to getting pregnant to prepare my body to carry a baby and to generally be in good shape to make a pregnancy easier. As I did so, it was also my goal to make losing the baby weight post-pregnancy easier as well. That preparation along with staying active doing the pregnancy and eating a relatively balanced diet helped me stay within the guidelines of how much I was “supposed” to gain throughout the pregnancy.

Losing weight is never easy, especially after pregnancy. Check out this plan for losing the baby weight post-pregnancy and learn a few tips to help.

While some of the weight did come off once Baby Girl was born and will continue to gradually come off with breastfeeding, it’s my goal to get back in a good routine and lose the leftover baby weight. I’ve allowed myself a bit of a break in these first few weeks to adjust to mommyhood and will continue to do so as needed while breastfeeding; however, I also have a plan in place to help me stick to my goals. And these aren’t really specific to losing weight after having a baby as I wanted to be able to continue with my efforts even after I’ve lost the baby weight. So, if you’re looking to lose a little weight yourself or just want to tone up and get in better shape, consider these options. Continue reading