Sometimes We Just Need to Cuddle

We have been having “one of those” kind of weeks. I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or the fact that Daddy is out of town or even that Mommy is extra tired, but we’re struggling. She’s fussier than usual. I’ve pulled out all of the stops, and all of my “usuals” aren’t working…And, then my husband said something to me.We define our success as mothers in so many different ways. Sometimes we need nothing more than to put everything else aside and just cuddle...

“Babe, success today is being an awesome mom.” Those were his words, and they really made me stop and think.

So often I get caught up in trying to “define” success as being today’s “SuperMom.” I think I have to keep the house clean and organized, get all the dishes and laundry done, care for my little one, run my business, make it to all of my social commitments…The list goes on.

I allow that list to define me as successful or not based on whether I accomplished it all. But, you know what? My “success” has nothing to do with that. In fact, some days, we just need to cuddle.

So, today that’s what we did. She was fussing, and I was about at my whit’s end trying to keep her content and still get done what I “needed” to do. So, I set the extra aside, and we just cuddled. She napped. I breathed in the downy softness of her hair and overall baby scent. And, when she woke, we were both refreshed.

And, that, that is what I’d call success.

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