Simple Health Solutions for Busy Moms

As moms we have a lot on our plates. Diaper changes, play dates, family meals, classroom meetings, job responsibilities…

You name it, we take care of it. And often that means we put ourselves and our own needs last. I quickly found, though, when I neglected myself and especially my nutrition, I didn’t have as much to give.

As busy moms we put our needs on the back burner, which only leaves us with less to give. Check out these simple health solutions for busy moms to help!

So I came up with a few simple solutions that help me make my own health a priority so I’m able to do all the things I love for the ones I love. And better yet, I don’t have to sacrifice! Here are my best health solutions for all of you busy mamas out there:

1. Lay out (or pack) your workout clothes.

This one has been a game changer for me! When I see my clothes already out, I’m way more motivated to throw them on and get my sweat on. Plus, let’s be honest, even a time savings of a minute or two makes a difference in the morning (or afternoon or evening). If you don’t work out in the morning or head to the gym, make sure to pack your workout clothes for the next day the night before.

2. Work out at home.

Alright, so I know this one can be challenge with littles! Believe me, I’m regularly a jungle gym when I work out at home, but if I had to get myself and my daughter ready, get us both in the care, and make sure she was settled in daycare before getting my workout done, well, it would NEVER get done! So having some go-to workouts to do from home is a lifesaver!

3. Get the most out of your time.

Ladies, I know time is a premium for ALL of us! And, who really has time to be sweating it away at the gym for hours? That’s right! NO ONE! So instead of trying to incorporate an hour long workout everyday, go for one that is fast and effective. I love this 30-minute workout option and have found it’s the perfect solution for mamas (and it’s how I lost 40+ pounds after having my daughter)!

4. Make nutrition simple.

Nutrition has ALWAYS been the hardest part for me, but now I know that the simpler I make it, the better. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I keep a few easy snacks on hand, use leftovers in our meal plan, and grab a rotisserie chicken and some steamable veggies when I just don’t have time for anything else. AND I rely on my daily superfoods smoothie to fill in the gaps in my nutrition where I am lacking! (Plus, this one can go with me wherever, so it’s literally nutrition simplified and AT MY FINGERTIPS!)

5. Make it a priority.

Okay, I get it. We are all busy, but I also know that we all MAKE time for the things that are important to us. And I don’t know about you, but me being strong, vibrant, and healthy is a PRIORITY not just for me but also for my family. So I make sure I prioritize at least 30 minutes a day for a workout and keep some nutritious foods on hand so that I don’t have to let my nutrition slip when life happens. I even go so far as to write my workout time into my calendar like an appointment – it’s an appointment with me! I know if you make it a priority, you’ll quickly start seeing the benefit too!

There you have it! My five super simple health solutions for busy moms! But I know that there is more to getting started in a better health routine than just telling you about it, so I’d like to invite you to join my next wellness challenge designed specifically for busy moms like you!

Seriously! We’ll incorporate¬†short workouts¬†and make SIMPLE nutrition a big focus to take the guesswork out of a healthy lifestyle EVEN as a busy mom! Are you ready to get started or want a little more info to decide if it’s for you? Fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch!

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