Raising Up Strong Daughters

As we were working out the other day, our daughter joined us. She began kicking her legs and picking up her little purple weights, and we said to her, “You’re strong.” Her immediate response was to drop what she was doing and pose, showing us her muscles, showing us how strong she was.

If we are to raise up a generation of strong women, we need to commit to raising strong daughters. Learn a few ways you can begin raising a strong daughter.

Literally, there was no hesitation, no second thought, no shrugging it off…We made the statement, she accepted it, and she stood in her own strength.

It might seem like a tiny act, but honestly, to me it’s huge. That simple act, or really the confidence behind it, is exactly why I prioritize my own wellness journey. It’s why I work on my own strength and self-image, and personal development every day.

Friend, I have been the girl who was told she was strong or beautiful or talented…And rather then standing in my own power, I shrugged it away. Sure, I knew I had some strong attributes, but I didn’t really have the inner confidence to proclaim them and let anyone else know that I was good, worthy, or enough. I was too afraid that the next person who spoke to or of me would call me out on my shortcomings, on my insecurities.

This whole thought process got me thinking. I want to pose the question, what can we do to raise up a generation of women who know their power, know their strength, know their value – a generation who isn’t afraid to claim their worth and show us their muscles?

I know I don’t have it all figured out yet, and I also know I probably won’t ever. But here are a few ways I’ve been working on raising up a strong daughter:

  • Encourage her to try things on her own first.
  • Allow her to take on physical challenges.
  • Show her what it looks like to be strong and confident.
  • Acknowledge her unique personality and strengths.
  • Allow her to express her opinion without stifling it.

Although she is young, she is already picking up on my cues of strength and confidence. So I want to be proactive now to help her start writing that positive, confident script. I always want her to show her muscles and stand in her own power. While I know there will be days when she is faced with things that make her want to shrink back, I also know that if I start helping her develop her own strength and confidence now, she’ll have much more of it when “those days” come. 💪🏼❤️

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