Planning Your Year in 5 Simple Steps

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I was a bit late to the planner party this year, but thankfully with a little research I found one that is just perfect and that I really feel like was designed for me (more on that later)! But let’s be honest…A planner isn’t going to do anything if you don’t use it and have a bit of a strategy for doing that. So if you’re a bit like me and still working a bit on planning, then check out this strategy for planning your year in 5 simple steps.

Planning your year can be a bit of a daunting. Get past the intimidation and plan your best year yet with these 5 simple steps!

1. Start with a Vision

When it comes down to it, if you don’t have a clear picture of where you’re headed, you’ll go nowhere. So, friend, let’s avoid the nowhere phenomenon and cast a vision. Think about how you want to feel in the new year, what you want to accomplish, and what your most fulfilling year looks like. Then take some time to flesh that out into words and possibly even a picture.

2. Consider the Big Picture

After you’ve crafted your vision, you’ll want to think about the year as a whole. What do you need to accomplish to reach your vision for your year? What deadlines are you trying to meet? Plan out these big picture items using a year calendar.

3. Break It Down by Month, Week, & Day

Once you’ve considered your year, it’s time to plan backwards and break it out by month. So, if one of your goals is to lose 30 pounds this year, you’ll need to lose roughly 2.5 pounds a month to achieve that goal. Mark those smaller goals in each month. And once you have the month planned, consider what you need to do each week and each day to move toward those larger overarching goals. Consider everything, and block out everything.

4. Find the Right Planning Tool

Planners, calendars, and other planning tools are a pretty big deal. Seriously, my planner as always been a make or break thing in my success. In years past, I just went pretty straightforward, but this year, I wanted something a bit different. I knew I needed a planner that would set me up to set goals, evaluate my progress, and do a lot of reflection throughout the year. I found that in the Brilliant Life Planner and am SO excited to really put it to the test in the upcoming year. If you think the Brilliant Life Planner might be a good fit for you too, you can check it out here and get $5 off your purchase! Whatever your planning style is just make sure you have somewhere to write (or type) out your goals, appointments, etc.

5. Hone Your Focus

We all feel pretty ambitious when the ball drops and want to set lofty goals and write out a ton of projects we’ll get done in the new year. While have that kind of passion is great, it’s better to hone your focus. Now, I’m not saying you should stifle your dreams AT ALL! But you should really rein in your focus and think about what projects align most closely with your vision for your year. Once you’ve identified and made time for those, then you can start add in a few extra things as you have time.

These tips may seem a little daunting if you’ve never done much planning. So if that’s how you are feeling, I’d encourage you to just start somewhere. Begin blocking out time and remember to think ahead and plan backwards. If you just get started and follow these tips, you’ll be on track for having a well-planned year in no time!

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