My Favorite Christmas Traditions

I’ve already shared what we’re doing with baby girl to make this holiday the most memorable for her (or really us), but what about me? You know, the Christmas season is my absolute favorite, so I have to throw a few things into our holiday festivities that are just for me, too. These are a few of my favorite Christmas traditions that help make our holiday season complete each year, so you better believe they’re not going undone this year either, newborn or not. 😉 (Plus, I’m convinced that if we start them early enough with Grace they’ll be a few of her favorites, too.)Christmas traditions are part of what make this season complete. Share in my favorite Christmas traditions and get an idea for a few of your own.



1. Watch the Nutcracker

We have just started this tradition since moving back to an area where there is a professional show of the Nutcracker each year, but it has quickly become one of my favorite traditions. We get dressed up and head downtown for an afternoon or evening of delight, and I just love it!

2. Getting the Christmas Tree

Yes, this was one on my Holiday Bucket List with Baby, but I love it so much, I just have to mention it here, too. I have memories of getting a live Christmas tree as a child, and I want to give Grace those same memories. So, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (or as close to it as possible), we don our tree hunting gear (sturdy boots, sweaters, coats, gloves…) and head to the farm to pick the perfect tree.Christmas traditions are part of what make this season complete. Share in my favorite Christmas traditions and get an idea for a few of your own.

3. Baking Christmas Cookies

There is just something about scents that bring about all kinds of nostalgia for me, so I want to create those same feelings for Grace, especially as she gets older. I have a few go to Christmas cookie recipes, and then I try to throw a few new ones in the mix each year. This year I’m trying this chocolate crinkle cookie recipe, so I’ll let you know how it is.

4. Having a Cookie Exchange

So, if I’m baking all of these cookies, what else should I do with them than host a cookie exchange? This is another tradition that we just started, but it is so much fun! I love getting to try everyone’s cookies, and then I like to use the mix to make up some cookie plates to give to neighbors (to spread the cookie love of course).

5. Watching Christmas Movies

Let me just say, my husband is the sweetest. I started watching Christmas movies the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and there’s been no looking back. In fact, he will even turn on the television in the evening and select a Christmas movie for me. I just love relaxing to a good movie and enjoy watching them with my sweet little family even more!

6. Building a Gingerbread House

We started this tradition as a family a few years ago. All of the couples build a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, and then we have all of our Facebook friends judge them. We’ve been the uncontested winner since we started the tradition, and I can’t wait to try again this year!Christmas traditions are part of what make this season complete. Share in my favorite Christmas traditions and get an idea for a few of your own.

7. Giving Christmas Jammies

One of the Christmas traditions I remember most from my childhood is getting new jammies on Christmas Eve, and I’ve kept the same tradition going in our house. We selected a pair of Christmas jammies to give to Grace, and I can’t wait to see her in them!

8. Reading the Christmas Story

I love remembering the real reason for the season this time of year, and what better way to do it than reading the Christmas Story. We like to read it before heading to bed on Christmas Eve – a tradition we picked up from my husband’s side of the family.

While I could go on with all of my favorite aspects of Christmas, these are just of a few of my favorite Christmas traditions and give you a peak into our Christmas celebration as a family. So, what are you favorite Christmas traditions? I’m always up for trying something new!

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