My All-time Favorite Sweet Christmas Recipes

To me few things signal the holiday season more than baking because there are just so many fun Christmas recipes and treats that we only get to enjoy this time of year. The smells, tastes, and even feels of those treats bring me back to my own childhood Christmases and are memories I want to give my daughter as well. So, this holiday season, I plan to try to make as many of these Christmas cookie and candy recipes as I can. They are all my favorites and ones that already hold special memories for me or that I hope to start making with my sweet little one.Few things signal the holidays more than sweet treats. Check out my favorite Christmas recipes to make your own yummy treats and memories this year!

1. White Chocolate Ritz Cracker Cookies

I can remember making these time and again with my mom throughout the holiday season. There is just something about chocolate and peanut butter that I can’t get enough of, and the buttery-ness of the cracker doesn’t hurt either.

2. Peanut Butter Balls

These were another staple in our household during the holidays when I was a child. Are you noticing a theme here? Again the chocolate peanut butter combo was one of my favorites!

3. Hard Tack Candy

I can still smell the peppermint and cinnamon extracts we used to make this holiday favorite. We made this treat with our dad and often gave it as a simple gifts to friends and family. I haven’t had it in years, but I’d love to make some this Christmas.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, so this one isn’t specifically a holiday treat, but I can’t get away with baking without making some chocolate chip cookies. These are hubby’s favorite!Few things signal the holidays more than sweet treats. Check out my favorite Christmas recipes to make your own yummy treats and memories this year!

5. Christmas Bread

This one doesn’t really qualify as a cookie or a candy, but I still had to include it on the list. I started making this bread on our first Christmas as husband and wife, and it’s one that I love. I typically bake it the night before and ice it just before everyone gets up on Christmas morning. It’s the perfect pre-present breakfast treat!

6. Two-Ingredient Fudge

So, this super-simple recipe has become a favorite of mine because of all of my failed attempts at real holiday fudge…My sister and I could just never master the art of true fudge when we were kids. So, I found this recipe, and I’m never looking back. It’s just as good and about a zillion times easier.

7. Molasses Cookies

I tried this recipe for the first time last Christmas, and it was such a winner, it’s already making the list. These are some of the softest, chewiest, yummiest cookies I’ve ever made (or tasted)!

8. Candy Cane Chewy Cookies

These are hands down my (new) favorite Christmas cookie. This was another new recipe I tried last year, and I must say, if you try any recipes from this list, it has to be this one. The texture of these is just perfect – soft, chewy, and buttery with just a hint of a crunch from some of the chunks of the candy cane. It’s just like Christmas all wrapped up in one little cookie!

Okay, so all of this talk about Christmas recipes has me ready to start baking! I can’t wait to make a batch of all (or at least most) of these yummy Christmas treats!

What are your favorite Christmas recipes for cookies and candies?

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