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So this is probably a little late in coming, but I figured since I am officially in full holiday mode that now is better than never! As we finish out our Christmas shopping, I really wanted to shift my focus this year and do a little something different. I’ve always tried to de-emphasize gifts, but especially as our daughter gets older I want to focus more on sharing experiences with her than just gifts.It's easy to give a gift of things, but what if you focused on giving something different this year? Check out experience-based gifts to give this year!















While that is still hard in a few ways with her age, I figured I could at least focus on doing it with everyone else on our list. So I decided to do a little brainstorming and came up with a few different ideas for gift ideas that were more than just gifts!

If you are looking for that perfect idea for someone who just seems to have it all or if you simply want to make more of the holidays than just giving things, then check out these ideas!

1. Prayer Journal

I’m definitely on board with gifting books, but I love that this idea goes even just beyond reading a book and can be truly transformative. I’ve heard great things about the Write the Word Journal and am even adding it to my wish list!

2. Tickets to a LIVE Event

Every year we do a date night for my husband’s birthday. I gift him with tickets to the Nutcracker. Okay, okay, so this is more of a gift for me, and I do include a few other birthday gifts for him. But it’s something that we love doing together, and it really helps kick off our holiday season. I love the idea of sharing a similar activity with someone else for Christmas! Tickets to a sporting event, concert, or play would also be huge!

3. House Cleaning

As a mom, I can honestly vouch for what a gift this would be! While I don’t mind taking care of our home, especially during the holiday season, this would be an unbelievable blessing!

4. Annual Pass

Similar to the event tickets, gifting an annual pass to a zoo or museum would be a great gift! I’m honestly going to pocket this idea for my little girl for next year! We have a great animal farm really close to us that I think she’ll love as she gets just a bit older!

5. Babysitting

This again is probably more of a gift for us mamas, but seriously, think about it! Blessing someone with a few hours of me time…What a gift!

6. Massage

My husband has been so gracious in gifting me wit a mom’s night out and massage a couple of times, and I can attest to what a blessing it is! It’s so relaxing and honestly fills my cup so that I can come home and pour into him and my daughter! This is such an awesome gift for anyone!

7. Coffee Date

Instead of just giving someone a Starbucks gift card, give someone the opportunity to go grab a coffee WITH you! I mean, seriously! How many times do we say, “We should really grab a coffee together sometime!” and not do it! Make good on your word and gift it to someone!

8. Class

A class of some sort is another great way to gift someone with a gift that keeps on giving! I love the idea of a cooking class, but even an art or pottery class would be fun!

9. Conference

How many times have you seen an advertisement for a conference that you’d love to attend and then not followed through? There are all kinds of conferences for women, men, parents, couples, entrepreneurs…but too often we don’t go unless someone literally tells us to! So why not do that for someone else! How awesome to give someone the opportunity to develop themselves!

10. Fitness Program

Obviously I’m going to mention a fitness program, but really, what better gift could there be for someone than the gift of better health? I just can’t think of anything. It doesn’t just have to be a program, though, you could get them a subscription to Beachbody on Demand, pay for their entrance in a race, or gift them with a pass to a local gym. Improving your health improves your life in literally every way, so why wouldn’t you want to give that to someone you love?

I can’t wait to bless my family and friends with gifts that aren’t just things! I hope that you found a few of these ideas helpful too, and if you are interested in gifting someone with the opportunity for better health, send me an email so I can help! <3

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