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For years I had tried to do the whole “fitness thing” on my own. I’d make a little progress and then fall backward. Or worse, I’d end up going off the deep end with my eating or exercise and just let it get way out of control – one way or another.

When my daughter came along, though, I knew something had to change, and I researched and researched until I found something that would make it different. That’s when I got started with the 21 Day Fix, as most of you know. And while I attribute my weight loss and change and nutrition and fitness to the Fix, I couldn’t have done it without the missing piece – the community.

When I got started and really dug in with my fitness journey, I also committed to being a part of something that was bigger than me, something that supported and encouraged me, and something that provided me with everything I needed to be successful – a fit family and the community I needed to really stick with it.

Since realizing what a difference this community made for me, I wanted to be able to provide that to YOU on a variety of different levels. Now, I still run my traditional challenge groups, and that is still where I provide the most specific support. However, I am opening up a new opportunity for anyone who is looking to make a healthy change but isn’t quite ready to commit to a challenge group yet.

The missing piece of the puzzle for most people is community. Become a part of my Living Contently Wellness Community here!

The Living Contently Wellness Community is a group where you will find motivation, recipes, fitness tips, and inspiration to live a happier, healthier more fulfilling life! I’ll provide daily posts to give you a bit of direction and encouragement. It is also intended as a space where you can share your ideas and struggles to learn from and grow with others who are making an effort to live happier and healthier!

It’s FREE to join the community (you just need to have me as your free coach), and you’ll get a FREE Healthy Living Kickstart ebook and exclusive recipes and content! So if you’d like access to the missing piece – community – and want in to the Living Contently Wellness Community, click here!

I can’t wait to have you in this community and look forward to living life well with you! (This is the PERFECT place to dig in and get your New Year’s Resolutions off to the right start!)

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